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Deep Scan


DeepScan is a static code analysis tool and hosted service for inspecting JavaScript code. It checks possible run-time errors and poor code quality using data-flow analysis. DeepScan follows the execution and data flow of the program in greater depth.

Better Understand Your JavaScript

Ever used ESLint? We've put in a lot of work to inspect JavaScript code beyond ESLint.

Our work (known as static code analysis) supports data-flow analysis understanding the execution flow of your program. You can see possible errors and code issues more accurately without running it.

Also DeepScan supports cutting edge technologies: ECMAScript 2019 and ECMAScript Next features, React, Vue.js, Flow, and TypeScript.

Always Know The Quality Status of Your Team

Once you configure your team and simply add your GitHub repository into your team, we will continuously analyze your team projects as commits are pushed on GitHub.

By collaborating with team members on DeepScan, you can see an overall picture of your team regarding its quality status, code issues and lines of code.

Track Issues Over Time

Issues are automatically merged even if code changes. This helps you track issues of the project over time.

You can see current unresolved issues with its time first detected. Also, you can see fixed issues with the code snippet at that time.

Maintain Your Grade

You can get a simple grade on your project.

By the issues detected and their impacts on the project, DeepScan calculates this overall grade as "Poor", "Normal", and "Good".

We hope this motivates you to keep code clean.