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Xavier Decoster


MyGet repository service supports custom package feeds for open-source projects and corporate development teams. A MyGet public custom feed is an ideal place to publish pre-release packages created by your CI service.

Accelerate your software team with cloud package management, robust security controls and easy continuous integration build services.

Manage all of your packages in one place:

MyGet is a Universal Package Manager that integrates with your existing source code ecosystem and enables end-to-end package management. Centralized package management delivers consistency and governance to your DevOps workflow.

Enforce compliance through powerful governance:

MyGet real-time software license detection tracks your teams’ package usage and detects dependencies across all of your packages. Customized usage policies ensure your teams are only using approved packages while reporting vulnerabilities and outdated packages early in your software build and release cycles.

Accelerate your Software Development workflows:

MyGet automates build and packaging processes from a centralized cloud platform. MyGet speeds up the development lifecycle while integrating seamlessly with your existing DevOps workflows. Package, version & publish from GitHub, Assembla, Visual Studio Team Services and BitBucket.