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Frontend Engineer

We're seeking a Frontend engineer (Node JS and ReactJS) to join our engineering team

We are looking for ambitious and creative Software Engineers with some real-world experience working with JavaScript-based applications: React JS, Node JS, etc.

You will work on a team developing a ReactJS-based front end that is driven by a NodeJS API.  This project will cover development in both client and server space, but you can specialize in one or the other.  Teamwork and communication are critical as well as clean, concise, and readable code.  Willingness to follow design specifications and to ask questions when you don't understand something is important and any experience working in Cloud Native applications or DevOps experience, in general, is a plus.  Comfort working in an ambitious, startup environment where you take ownership of the work and projects and bring a can-do, problem solver mindset to the team.


  • Team ethos and proactive communicator. Someone who works well on projects with another co-developer and is proactive in seeking out requirements, asking questions, and solving for unknowns.
  • Comfortable working with distributed teams across various time zones.
  • Creative problem solver is willing to go the extra mile.
  • Takes ownership of their feature. When given a feature, they see it through, even though the ongoing lifecycle of that piece of the application.
  • Produces high quality, readable code that's efficient and clean.
  • Open to feedback and following the team's design style
  • Experience with NodeJS/ExpressJS, MongoDB, Kafka, RESTful APIs, data-driven applications, website development, or even mobile applications (via React Native) is a plus.
Full Time
Chennai/Bangalore, India

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