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Opsera for Salesforce DevOps

Fast, secure, and flexible delivery for Salesforce - no coding required

Take the brute force out of Salesforce releases with Opsera

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Salesforce DevOps

Deliver top-quality Salesforce releases
up to 80% faster

Get all the power of Salesforce without the endless deployments.
Opsera helps you deliver flawless and secure Salesforce releases and save hundreds of hours

Salesforce Releases

Releases that fit your tools and your needs

Opsera makes it easy to merge branches and synchronize dev environments. You can customize everything to fit the tools you use and the ways your team works.

Quality and full security, orchestrated and automated 

Release quicker while improving security, quality, and compliance. Opsera gives you a demonstrable, repeatable process that will make your IT security team smile.

Complete Visibility

Complete visibility every step of the way

Unify your logs and see data from all your tools in one place. Opsera cuts manual work and adds total visibility across your development lifecycle, with auto-generated KPIs. Troubleshooting is suddenly easier; so is compliance reporting.


decrease in manual release tasks


increase in developer productivity


faster Salesforce releases

With Opsera open, no-code platform, you'll experience

No more vendor lock-in or limited tool choices

No more silos. Simplified pipelines across your organization

Unmatched Salesforce release management and scale for all your business apps

One Platform, all the apps

SAP Hybris
Adobe Experience Cloud
Salesforce Apex
SAP Logo

Opsera works smoothly with major multi-cloud environments

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Norton LifeLock cuts Salesforce deployment time in half

Norton LifeLock deployed their first Salesforce CI/CD pipeline in just hours with Opsera’s point-and-click pipeline builder. Security, quality, and approval gates were added automatically, ending costly reworks and outages. Result: better deployments in 50% less time.


Infoblox scales DevOps with a single solution across their portfolio of SaaS applications

Infoblox used Opsera’s single platform to scale their four person IT DevOps team and support a growing portfolio of SaaS applications, including Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, Workday, Boomi, Tableau, and Marketo. Instead of adding 5 engineers and taking two years to build an internal solution, Infoblox’s 4-person team got results in three months, with 40% better security and quality checks.

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