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Product Updates

Opsera changelog, product updates, and company news.
Feb 8, 2021
New additions
Vishnu Vasudevan

Advanced Slack notifications

We added event based pipeline notification for slack on top of alerts & approvals we added in Dec

  • You can get custom notification for warnings, failures and KPI breach

Opsera bot  on Jira marketplace

Opsera bot available in Jira marketplace for place for notifications, alerts and approval of the pipeline.

Using Opsera Jira BOT application, seamlessly manage the CI/CD pipeline activities such as approvals, vulnerability management, testing issues, alerts and execution failures.

  • Track and manage pipeline execution with automatic Jira integration
  • Add approval gates using Jira tickets to approve/reject pipeline execution automatically
  • Get granular alerts at each step to alert pipeline execution failures
  • Manage jira issue life cycle management from pipelines

Role based access

Role based access for Pipeline and Tool registry

  • Provide role based access to users for specific pipelines and tools in tool chain automation
  • Restrict access to tool within tool registry
Jan 18, 2021
Analytics and Artifact feature updates
Vishnu Vasudevan

Analytics improvements - Marketplace KPI’s and new features

  • Build your own custom dashboards for planning, pipeline, quality, security and operations

Tag based reporting for Pipelines

  • Create custom tags in pipeline and in tool registry for unified insights 
  • By Product, Project, Release, Feature

Push to Artifact enhancements

Enhancement on Push to Artifact step to push changes to existing branch / orphan branch / new branch

  • Now salesforce release managers can push the artifact to existing branch or orphan or new branch linking it back to an upstream branch
Dec 15, 2020
Deployment features update + additions
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Deployment features - Zip & Support automatic installation

  • Support Zip and installation for dependent softwares while using shell script in the pipelines
  • Pushing the artifact to Git branch for salesforce pipelines

Enhancements to SFDC test and deploy features

  • Selective test cases during deployment (Run all, Run local, Run selective etc)
  • Deployment with and without validation 
  • Including new test classes as part of selective test class execution for salesforce pipelines

Opsera bot in Slack marketplace

Opsera bot available in Slack Marketplace for place for notifications, alerts and approval of the pipeline.

Including New Test Classes as part of selective test class execution for Salesforce pipelines

Sep 30, 2020
New K8 support
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

We are extending the support to Kubernetes and customers will get a dedicated Kubernetes cluster with enhanced security features (AWS Transit gateway and VPC attachments).

Tool Chain Automation

We have enabled more tools in the platform as part of tool chain automation and those tools are:

  • CI Tools: Team city
  • CD Tools: Spinnaker, Argo CD
  • Repository Management: Nexus
  • Container scan and TVM: Anchore
  • Logging and reporting
  • Tool registry

New Declarative Pipeline Features

Opsera users will now be able to integrate with the above-mentioned tools without having to write any custom or glue code to construct the pipelines.

We are also introducing additional features to SFDC CI/CD pipelines (Managed objects, profile management, filters and search option, Org to Org movement etc).

May 13, 2020
Pipeline and Insights updates
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

New Features being added to Opsera Analytics

  1. Persona-based dashboards and KPI’s across DevSecOps ecosystem (Executive, Manager, Developer)
  2. We are releasing 50+ new KPI’s that spans across Planning, Pipeline, Secops, Quality, Operations categories
  3. We support out of the box integration to Jira, Gitla, Github, Codeship, Jenkins, Xunit, Junit, Jmeter, Sonarqube & Operations KPIs like application MTTR
  4. Included additional search options, build blueprint details and filters to search logs by stages and tools

New Features being added to Opsera pipeline:

  1. Slack integration in the pipeline to send alerts for each stage for success & failures.
Mar 26, 2020
Opsera Pipelines are live!
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Opsera Pipeline v1.0 will allow existing and new users to choose a release pipeline template by going to Pipeline Beta link. Users can wire up with existing Jenkins at your end or spin up a new Jenkins from our service catalog (Platform) and connect various tools like (Jenkins, Sonarqube, Junit, Jmeter, Selenium, twistlock, S3 bucket for binary upload and AWS code deploy)Note: These changes will not have any data loss or access issue to your existing Kibana URL you received while onboarding.

Features being added to Pipelines:

  • Policy based pipeline
  • Jenkins connectors
  • status response back to UI from all the DevSecOps tools in the pipeline
  • Build Blueprint in the Opsera UI
Mar 16, 2020
Dashboard and Analytics Updates
Vishnu Vasudevan

We have enhanced the Opsera UI with new features under “Dashboard” and “Analytics”.

With this release, you will no longer have to go to your Kibana URL for your dashboard and analytics.

Note: These changes will not have any data loss or access issue to your existing Kibana URL you received while onboarding.

Features being added to analytics in this release:

  • CI Pipeline Dashboard
  • SecOps Dashboard
  • Testing Dashboard
  • Logs Search
  • Build Blueprint
Jan 28, 2020
What is new in the Opsera new UI
Omed Habib

We're launching an enhanced Opsera UI! During this migration your data and infrastructure set up will remain intact and there won’t be any changes to the URL’s.

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