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Product Updates

Opsera changelog, product updates, and company news.
May 16, 2023
Release Update 05/16/2023
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

New Features

Introducing a Task to Migrate Salesforce Custom Settings Data (Beta) Opsera now has a new task type that makes it simple to migrate custom Setting data in Salesforce. This provides two options:

  • Direct org-to-org migration of Custom settings data
  • Extracts custom setting data from Orgs into a CSV file To know more about Custom Settings, read here

Feature Enhancements

  • Adoption of task creation wizards (Beta) With adoption of wizards during task creation, a user is guided step-by-step through the task creation procedure. At each step, the user must specify the source and destination details or to specify any Task-related parameters.
  • Support for New Rulesets for Salesforce Code Analyzer To align with the latest updates for Code Analyzer PMD 6.55.0, new validation rules like UnimplementedTypeRule, UnusedMethodRule, ApexUnitTestClassShouldHaveRunAs, ApexFlsViolationRule, ApexNullPointerExceptionRule, UnusedMethodRule, UnimplementedTypeRule and more are supported.
  • Support to Push and Pull Reports in Oracle Fusion Pipelines Users can now pull latest reports from GitHub, and also push reports into a particular nexus group. To learn more more, read here
  • Salesforce Component KPI now accommodates Quick Deploy In addition to the deployment count, the quick deploy pipelines and tasks are now accommodated in the KPI “Total Deployments” metric giving an insight on the overall deployments triggered.
  • Enhancements to Github Comments Pushes & Merges To gain insight on the quantity of Pull and Push requests for GitHub, delivers a drilled down report with detailed information on requests and the associated project/account details. To learn more, read here
  • Enhancements to Github & Gitlab Commits by Author KPI To meet the upgraded chart configurations, minor UI/UX modifications have been made to Github and Gitlab Commits by Author KPIs. This should resolve the dashboard with issues in loading when KPI is added.

Platform UI Enhancements

  • To help you navigate Opsera pipeline workflows more efficiently, tool tips for pipelines left tab menu are now available.
  • Opsera Tasks now have a one-liner task summary describing its last run status
  • A new step is included when configuring Tools and Tasks to allow the user to choose the type of tool or task they create.
  • To improve user experience, the UI of Git Custodian Charts has been tweaked.

May 2, 2023
Release Update 05/02/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing Jira integration to automatically update data into Jira Issues

Provide visibility across the company with Jira integration that automatically retrieves data from the Opsera Task and updates the relevant JIRA with commit information. Track and associate Opsera’s Salesforce to Git Merge Sync task and Git to Git Merge Sync Task into Jira Tickets.

Support for Tasks Subscription

Enable subscription for specific tasks that are created by users in the organization. All subscribed tasks can be managed under a single screen.

Introducing Navigation Bar for Quick Feature Access

A brand-new navigation bar is introduced in Opsera to enable users to quickly navigate to Home, Workspace, Unified Insights and Git Custodian features. To learn more, read here.

Support to View Customer Entitlements for Org Users

You can view report details of all user accounts and their status (active or not), along with information about their organization domain and customer ID.

Support for choosing API Versioning for Salesforce Pipelines and Tasks

When running your Salesforce Tasks/Pipelines, choose the version of the Metadata API that Salesforce will use to retrieve or deploy your components. This is supported for Salesforce Pipelines, and Salesforce tasks for Org Sync, Bulk Migration and Salesforce to Git Merge Sync Task.

Enhancements in Salesforce Component Lookup

New filter options are introduced as you look up a specific Salesforce component. This enables quick and better retrieval of specific data. In addition, the UI is tweaked for better user experience. To learn more, read here.

Support for iOS Build Pipeline

Create build steps for iOS Apps using Xcode job type in Jenkins Pipelines. To learn more, read here.

Bug Fixes for Provar

  • The issue of Provar execution failing owing to unrecognised characters in test plan item has been resolved.
  • The behaviour of Provar testproject.home, which was set as the default Git Projects root directory, has been corrected.

Target Branch Validation while Configuring Salesforce Task Execution

Previously, branch details were validated as the task was being executed when new branches were being created or when providing a target branch for Salesforce Tasks. This update now validates the branch prior to component selection in the Wizard.

Apr 20, 2023
Release Update 04/20/2023
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing Phase 2 of System Driven Maturity KPI

The KPI measures the performance of DORA metrics and has an improved User Interface indicating the current maturity, along with previous maturity and their trends over time. Each Organization opens a maturity timeline and then displays a drill down maturity timelines for groups within it and so on. To learn more, read here.

Introducing Oracle Fusion Integration for Report Migration

By integrating and setting up pipelines with the Oracle Fusion Instance Tool, users can now move BI reports from one Oracle Fusion Instance to another Fusion Instance. Moreover, it is supported to export reports via Pipeline from Artifactory to the desired instance. To learn more, read here.

Apr 17, 2023
Release Update 04/17/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing Report for Users Access Token Usage and Panel for Activity Logs

View the access token usage report after a user successfully authenticated and authorized access, along with the Token ID and Target API. In addition, view the Token ID, Scope, as well as usage date and time information from the activity logs for a particular user. To learn more, read here.

Salesforce UI Enhancements

  • UI Changes for Salesforce Wizards to improve the user experience.
  • The Salesforce Org and Git Branch configured as part of Create Package XML is displayed on the Salesforce Pipeline Wizard.

Support for Vulnerability Reports in Pipeline Blueprints

View the vulnerability report in detail for pipelines used for security scans using Black Duck, Anchore, Snyk, Aquasec, Coverity, and Sonar apps. To learn more, read here.

Display of Pull request for Pipeline Approval Gate Notifications

The approver will have direct access to the Pull Request URL, together with the Pipeline ID, User name, and other information, to see and complete the approval.

Support to Fetch from Private JFrog Artifactory

In addition to fetching artifacts from the central maven repository, users can now download artifacts from their private JFrog artifactory during Jenkins build

Support for Gradle Build Versions in Gradle Build Pipelines

When creating a pipeline build step for Gradle using Jenkins, users can now select multiple Gradle build versions. To learn more, read here.

Automatic Trigger for Webhook on Pull Request

Users can now configure their GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket to trigger a webhook for the Pipeline when a Pull Request event occurs. To learn more, read here.

Mar 31, 2023
Release Update 31/03/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing Salesforce Code Analyser KPI

Get a real time high-level analysis of the health of your code throughout the DevOps pipeline. Using this visibility, manage your Salesforce code and develop functionalities that meet end user expectations. For more info, read here.

Support to view Insights for Monorepos Deployments

KPI for Lead Time for Changes and Deployment Frequency can be created for Pipelines deployed using monorepo. For more info, read here.

Enhancement in Salesforce Profile Migration process

  • Ignore Warning option to skip warning in case of any and deploy target successfully.
  • Add a user license to a new profile by choosing User License Component during deployment.

Permissions defined for Security and Auditor Roles

Users with a Security Manager and Auditor role can access the Platform and Insights Settings under Settings option in the Opsera Portal. This allows security teams to view analytics settings, portal users, user groups, and site roles. To learn more about role permissions, read here.

Additional Enhancements

  • To view relevant insights for Jira Mean Time to Resolution KPI, multiple Jira Projects can be selected from the KPI settings.
  • Tags for new Pipeline Steps are added automatically if none are selected.
  • Support for including the Severity status during Git Custodian file export.
  • Support for including XML files in Provar pipeline configuration.

Mar 17, 2023
Release Update 03/17/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing Integration with ServiceNow for Pipeline Approvals

Integrate ServiceNow to your Opsera Pipelines, to approve the deployment from the ServiceNow Change requests, prior to deploying the code in the target environment. For more info, see ServiceNow Integration.

Support for Audit Logs Alerts for Pipelines, Tasks and Tool

Receive alerts when all or certain actions are performed for specific Pipeline, Tasks or Tools. You can, for instance, configure triggers for your important pipelines so that you are informed whenever the configuration of the pipeline changes. For more info, read here.

Support for Profile components during Salesforce to Git Merge Task

Merge Profile components during Salesforce to Git Merge, in addition to Salesforce components to a target branch. For more info, read here.

Support for deep drill down for Deployment Frequency and GitLab Lead Time for Changes KPI

When users click on the visualization charts for Deployment Frequency and GitLab Lead Time for Changes KPI, a drill-down report is available. This granular level of data helps to identify how the data was generated.

Enhancements for GitCustodian Vulnerable Commits Report

Users can now edit and update Vulnerability Severity Rating (Low, Medium, High and Critical) for one or multiple commits. In addition, support to create Jira Tickets for all commits at once is introduced. For more info, see GitCustodian Insights

UI Tweaks for Better User Experience

  • The Pipeline Summary screen is arranged for better UI navigation
  • KPI chart that represents System Driven Maturity is improved for visualization.

Feb 28, 2023
Release Update 02/28/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Rollback Support for Azure Deployment

In the event that the Azure Webapp deployment fails, redeploy the most recent version that has been successfully delivered. While configuring the Pipeline step, you can select the version to which you want to roll back. Read more here.

Argo Integration Interface Improvements for a Better User Experience

(i) Pagination is introduced to improve quick navigation and reduce scrolling. (ii) Support for keyword searches in the search option for Argo applications, projects, or repositories.

Introducing Developer 360 KPI for Real Time Developer insights

Developer 360 metrics makes it easier to view real-time commits, lines of code, commit review scores, and other information on user activity. View data that is collated for each user’s activity for a GitLab project, tag and a date range. Read more here.

Support to display Median Value for KPIs

GitLab Deployment Frequency and Jira MTTR KPI now offer the display of Median Value to measure the metric's central tendency. This performance indicator makes it possible to locate the value that lies exactly halfway between the top and bottom data. Read more about Jira MTTR and Gitlab Deployment Frequency KPI.

Support to View Reports of Specific Tag Combination

You can look at reports for a specific Opsera tag combination. The report that is generated for the desired tags is also available for download. Read more here.

Feb 20, 2023
Release Update 02/20/2023
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing AquaSec Security Insights to boost Quality Assurance

Get an overview of the security issues based on the severity (Critical, High, Medium, Low and Negligible). Issues can be identified and resolved more quickly with exportable detailed reports. Read more here.

Introducing GitHub Action Metrics

For the Github Actions events that are triggered by webhook, users can receive insights. The metrics are downloadable and provide detailed information on distinct workflows that succeeded and failed at the job and pipeline step levels. Read more here.

Salesforce: Support to alter branches during Task Executions

Users can alter Source and target branches, or create a new branch at the time of Salesforce task execution. This eliminates the need to change the branches at step settings.

Feb 11, 2023
Release Update 02/11/23
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Introducing Helm Integration for improved Kubernetes deployments

With support for Helm Integration, customers can deploy the image in Kubernetes using helm in Azure and AWS cluster. The deploy step will accept requests as part of orchestration and deliver responses, status updates, and console logs. Read more here

Support for SQL Plus and Redshift Database in Liquibase Pipelines

Developers can manage changes to the database, including creating, testing, and rolling back changes, easier using the Liquibase extension for connecting to Redshift and SQL Plus databases. Read more here

Salesforce: Display of Validation Message for Unit Testing

For Unit Test (Auto Include) deploy and verify phases, during pipeline execution, and when reading Pipeline logs, relevant error messages are provided.

JSON Support for the API route v2/actions/pipeline/run

For the route v2/actions/pipeline/run, JSON support is now available in addition to the existing YAML support. Regardless of the object type, ApiRequestHelper returns the same structured reqBody when the item is identified as YAML or JSON.

Jan 28, 2023
Release Update 01/28/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Latest on DevSecOps:

  • Snyk Integration: Opsera introduces Snyk integration to scan, prioritize and identify security vulnerabilities as part of your static code analysis within the pipeline. Snyk Integration
  • AquaSec Security Scanner Integration: Opsera introduces AquaSec Security Scan tool integration to scan your registries and container images for vulnerabilities by automating security testing for your container-based pipelines Aqua Security Integration


  • Automatic Test Class Addition during Pipeline Execution: Opsera now enables the automatic addition of relevant test classes during Unit Test, Validate and Deploy package steps of your Salesforce pipelines.
  • For Validate and Deploy jobs, if test classes are not specified, the pipeline execution will run overriding the test type
  • For Unit Test Jobs, if test classes are not specified, an error will be thrown specifying the test class unavailability Salesforce Unit Test - Automation

Apigee KPI Enhancements: In addition to the existing Apigee KPIs, the below enhancements are added

  • Filter report results: You can filter the results based on Asset Type.
  • Download Apigee report results
  • View consolidated results based on tag Apigee KPI

Downloadable Git Custodian KPI Report: Git Custodian KPI results can be exported and downloaded as a Report Git Custodian KPI Report Download

Jan 21, 2023
Release update 01/21/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Git Custodian enhancements

  • Git Custodian Task Salesforce XML tags from source code shall not be considered as vulnerability. Git Custodian Task
  • Git custodian Analytics: New trend chart to show created vs resolved issues added. Git Custodian Insights

Salesforce Enhancement

  • Test class selection limitation increased up to 5k with necessary selection page changes.
  • Push to Git step will be capturing system permission while retrieving Profiles (Profile migration/Salesforce pipelines).
  • Salesforce Profile Migration now allows to deploy the object permissions to 'No Access' through Opsera when the permission removal is being deployed And shall be able to modify other permissions of the object using Profile migrations.
  • New Option to copy the generated Package XML used in Pipelines/Task added.

Policy Management

  • Policies now got a new area in Settings page that allows Site Administrators to set policies for their Organization.
  • Policy to publishing private pipeline catalog templates is now available.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Public Catalog visibility to users available. Policy Management

Unified Insights

  • Boomi KPI enhancement - Chart to show No. of deployments (success/failure) happened during Deploy/Migrate step added with actionable insights.

Jan 7, 2023
Release update 01/07/2023
Vishnu Vasudevan

Git Custodian enhancements

  • Git Custodian Task scan now supports the Main / Master/default branch upon selection from the user. Git Custodian Task
  • Git Custodian Analytics now supports manually moving Issues to False Positive / Resolved and vice versa.
  • Git custodian Analytics enhances the view of the vulnerabilities based on the Status of the issues as a tabbed view. Git Custodian Insights

Platform Enhancement

  • CentOS Agent Support: Opsera now supports CentOS Agent via shell script for Node, JAVA 8 & JAVA 11. CentOS Support
  • NPM native support: Opsera now supports native Node build via Pipeline step (In addition to existing shell script-based jobs). Native NPM support
  • Argo Enhancement: Argo App creation is now enhanced for Helm & Recursive support along with existing App sync to Opsera. Argo CD App creation
  • Security: Black Duck threshold: A client-side threshold can be set at step level for Blackduck scan pipelines (Vulnerability, Licence & Operational). Black Duck Pipeline
  • Command Line Pipeline level parameter/Dynamic variable support: Command line steps now support pipeline-level parameters which can be edited using API or directly in Pipeline steps. Custom Parameter via API Command line pipeline

Template Generic Enhancement

  • Templates now got a detail option to view the step & its configurations before creating pipelines.
  • Transfer ownership is now available for templates as well.
  • RBAC setup is enabled for Templates as well.
  • Shared templates now allow users to Delete or edit & update Tags & RBAC settings along with Name.
  • Creation of Pipeline now directs to RBAC setup for Pipeline before the creation.
  • Templates & Pipelines now has Audit Logs to view the action performed & by who & when. Create & Manage Pipelines

Compliance and Governance

  • Introducing New Roles to the Platform: Security Manager Role & Auditor Role are introduced in the platform which have to be enabled as a one-time activity from Settings by a Site Admin, roles are defined in the attached document. Role Based Access

Unified Insights

  • Dashboard Tag - Minor fix to remove duplicate tags and save issues in Dashboard.
  • JIRA mean time to resolution KPI - KPI Notification enabled for MTTR - based on data point settings notification can be configured and enabled (Email, Teams, Slack, Gchat). KPI Notification

Dec 17, 2022
Release update 12/17/2022
Vishnu Vasudevan

Unified Insights

  • Enhancements for following KPI

Opsera Pipelines

  • Support for pipeline level threshold - Anchore Scan (Documentation)
  • Enhancement to ArgoCD Tool - Existing application sync to Tool registry

Opsera Salesforce

  • Support for including more than 1500 test classes

Dec 10, 2022
Release update 12/10/2022
Vishnu Vasudevan

Release Notes:

Unified Insights:

  • Notifications enabled for the following KPIs (Slack, MS Teams & Gchat)

Opsera Pipelines:

  • PR webhook support for GitHub and GitLab (Documentation)
  • support for Azure Webapp for Nexus, Jfrog Artifactory, and Azure Functions
  • Enhancement to Argo Kustomize YAML for passing the git file path

Opsera Salesforce:

  • Now, Connect Salesforce Org to Opsera via Oauth in Tool Registry (Documentation)
  • Note: Existing Salesforce connector will continue to work.

Feb 8, 2021
New additions
Vishnu Vasudevan

Advanced Slack notifications

We added event based pipeline notification for slack on top of alerts & approvals we added in Dec

  • You can get custom notification for warnings, failures and KPI breach

Opsera bot  on Jira marketplace

Opsera bot available in Jira marketplace for place for notifications, alerts and approval of the pipeline.

Using Opsera Jira BOT application, seamlessly manage the CI/CD pipeline activities such as approvals, vulnerability management, testing issues, alerts and execution failures.

  • Track and manage pipeline execution with automatic Jira integration
  • Add approval gates using Jira tickets to approve/reject pipeline execution automatically
  • Get granular alerts at each step to alert pipeline execution failures
  • Manage jira issue life cycle management from pipelines

Role based access

Role based access for Pipeline and Tool registry

  • Provide role based access to users for specific pipelines and tools in tool chain automation
  • Restrict access to tool within tool registry
Jan 18, 2021
Analytics and Artifact feature updates
Vishnu Vasudevan

Analytics improvements - Marketplace KPI’s and new features

  • Build your own custom dashboards for planning, pipeline, quality, security and operations

Tag based reporting for Pipelines

  • Create custom tags in pipeline and in tool registry for unified insights 
  • By Product, Project, Release, Feature

Push to Artifact enhancements

Enhancement on Push to Artifact step to push changes to existing branch / orphan branch / new branch

  • Now salesforce release managers can push the artifact to existing branch or orphan or new branch linking it back to an upstream branch
Dec 15, 2020
Deployment features update + additions
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Deployment features - Zip & Support automatic installation

  • Support Zip and installation for dependent softwares while using shell script in the pipelines
  • Pushing the artifact to Git branch for salesforce pipelines

Enhancements to SFDC test and deploy features

  • Selective test cases during deployment (Run all, Run local, Run selective etc)
  • Deployment with and without validation 
  • Including new test classes as part of selective test class execution for salesforce pipelines

Opsera bot in Slack marketplace

Opsera bot available in Slack Marketplace for place for notifications, alerts and approval of the pipeline.

Including New Test Classes as part of selective test class execution for Salesforce pipelines

Sep 30, 2020
New K8 support
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

We are extending the support to Kubernetes and customers will get a dedicated Kubernetes cluster with enhanced security features (AWS Transit gateway and VPC attachments).

Tool Chain Automation

We have enabled more tools in the platform as part of tool chain automation and those tools are:

  • CI Tools: Team city
  • CD Tools: Spinnaker, Argo CD
  • Repository Management: Nexus
  • Container scan and TVM: Anchore
  • Logging and reporting
  • Tool registry

New Declarative Pipeline Features

Opsera users will now be able to integrate with the above-mentioned tools without having to write any custom or glue code to construct the pipelines.

We are also introducing additional features to SFDC CI/CD pipelines (Managed objects, profile management, filters and search option, Org to Org movement etc).

May 13, 2020
Pipeline and Insights updates
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

New Features being added to Opsera Analytics

  1. Persona-based dashboards and KPI’s across DevSecOps ecosystem (Executive, Manager, Developer)
  2. We are releasing 50+ new KPI’s that spans across Planning, Pipeline, Secops, Quality, Operations categories
  3. We support out of the box integration to Jira, Gitla, Github, Codeship, Jenkins, Xunit, Junit, Jmeter, Sonarqube & Operations KPIs like application MTTR
  4. Included additional search options, build blueprint details and filters to search logs by stages and tools

New Features being added to Opsera pipeline:

  1. Slack integration in the pipeline to send alerts for each stage for success & failures.
Mar 26, 2020
Opsera Pipelines are live!
New Features
Vishnu Vasudevan

Opsera Pipeline v1.0 will allow existing and new users to choose a release pipeline template by going to Pipeline Beta link. Users can wire up with existing Jenkins at your end or spin up a new Jenkins from our service catalog (Platform) and connect various tools like (Jenkins, Sonarqube, Junit, Jmeter, Selenium, twistlock, S3 bucket for binary upload and AWS code deploy)Note: These changes will not have any data loss or access issue to your existing Kibana URL you received while onboarding.

Features being added to Pipelines:

  • Policy based pipeline
  • Jenkins connectors
  • status response back to UI from all the DevSecOps tools in the pipeline
  • Build Blueprint in the Opsera UI
Mar 16, 2020
Dashboard and Analytics Updates
Vishnu Vasudevan

We have enhanced the Opsera UI with new features under “Dashboard” and “Analytics”.

With this release, you will no longer have to go to your Kibana URL for your dashboard and analytics.

Note: These changes will not have any data loss or access issue to your existing Kibana URL you received while onboarding.

Features being added to analytics in this release:

  • CI Pipeline Dashboard
  • SecOps Dashboard
  • Testing Dashboard
  • Logs Search
  • Build Blueprint
Jan 28, 2020
What is new in the Opsera new UI
Omed Habib

We're launching an enhanced Opsera UI! During this migration your data and infrastructure set up will remain intact and there won’t be any changes to the URL’s.

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