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Developer Experience, SDLC, & SaaS Apps

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Unified Insights for the GitHub Ecosystem

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Unified Insights 
for DORA

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Security, Compliance & Governance

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Eliminate gaps in reporting by bringing all of your tools into one place to get metrics  

Unified Insights: See your DevOps like never before

Gain clarity, accelerate delivery, empower your teams with centralized data, and get actionable insights including DORA, GitHub Copilot, and persona-based dashboards with more than 150 KPIs from across your tools, teams, and environments.

Software Development

(Inner-loop activities)

Coding, building and unit testing

Key Measurements
Lead time, cycle time, story points, velocity, Co-pilot KPIs, commit statistics, developer 360 view, PR requests

Software Delivery
(Outer-loop activities)

Integration, security, quality and deployment

Key Measurements
Deployment frequency, MTTR, change failure rate, quality of the code, technical debt, security vulnerabilities, system-driven maturity

Unified Insights  for SDLC + SaaS Apps

End-to-end insights into your team's software delivery across all tools, teams, and environments

Opsera DevOps platform's custom workflows

Struggling to see your Salesforce development process across your entire SDLC and even for SaaS apps like Salesforce?

Opsera Unified Insights acts like a central command center for your Salesforce DevOps. It brings together data from all your tools, giving you a single, clear view of everything from code commits to deployments. No more jumping between dashboards! Unified Insights helps you identify bottlenecks, improve code quality, and speed up releases – all within the familiar Salesforce environment. See what's happening, fix problems faster, and ship happy.

Streamline your Salesforce DevOps experience.

Gain End-to-End Visibility

Centralize data across tools, providing a single dashboard for complete visibility.

Troubleshoot Faster

Troubleshoot issues faster with contextualized logs and automate security checks within pipelines.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the need to switch between tools for data analysis, accelerating development and improving release quality.

Enhance Decision Making

Gain insights into Salesforce deployment frequency, lead time, and change failure rate to optimize delivery.

Drag and drop visual editor for custom pipelines

Analyze Code Quality

Gain code quality insights from various tools to provide a single view of your code's health within your CI/CD pipelines and SaaS apps like Salesforce.

Track Backups and Rollbacks

Opsera Unified Insights consolidates data to easily monitor backups, pinpointing potential issues and simplifying rollback procedures for swift restoration.

Opsera DevOps platform's custom workflows
Custom JSON to configure your pipelines

Salesforce Org Syncs

Opsera Unified Insights monitors Salesforce org connections, providing a centralized view of data synchronization activity across your entire organization.

End-to-end insights into your team's software delivery

Over 150 out-of-the-box KPIs across your entire SDLC

Over 150 out-of-the-box KPIs across your entire SDLC

Dashboards that show performance across your development, security, and operations
Real-time data pulled directly from event logs

Unified Insights for engineering, leaders, and developers

Faster decision making at every level - whether you’re trying to optimize costs, improve developer productivity, or benchmark against your team.

From ideation to deployment - track metrics to speed up your lifecycle

Dashboards For Every Stage

Dashboards For Every Stage
Contextualized Logs

Contextualized Logs

Diagnose any failure
Search by build number
See the logs of all the tools used in any execution
View the RCA to troubleshoot issues faster
Make PDF files for any auditory or compliance need


Overlay DORA metrics in any environment
Aggregate DORA metrics into a single and unified view
Improve the time to recovery and time to deploy

Your developers no longer need to build reporting on the side

Detailed visibility across all GitHub Actions
Integrate with Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, and more
No more guesswork to try to reproduce workflow errors

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No need to spend any more time in 10 different tools trying to get one or two KPIs – get the full view today.  

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