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Unified Insights

CI/CD intelligence with software delivery observability and logs across all your pipelines.

Software Analytics

Opsera aggregates software delivery analytics across your CI/CD process into a single and unified view.

Gain insights from tools like Jenkins, Gitlab, Jira, Sonar, JMeter, and more.

View your metrics in true CI/CD categories, including Pipelines, Planning, SecOps, Quality, and Operations.

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Persona-based Dashboards

DevOps analytics targeting vertical roles, including: developers, managers, and executives.

Understand your DevOps processes from both a practitioner perspective and managerial to make better technical and business decisions.

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Contextualized Logs

Diagnose any failures —including searching by build number — using the logs of all the tools that were involved in the execution.

View the RCA so that you can troubleshoot issues faster.

Generate PDF files to share for auditory and compliance purposes.

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Learn how Opsera works.

Pick your DevOps tools.


We provision and manage, automagically.

Choose any tool for any step in your toolchain. You're the architect of the perfect CI/CD pipeline that best fits your goals. Opsera is non-opinionated on your toolchain, so you get to choose your own best-of-breed vendors or open-source tools.

Opsera automatically provisions your tooling infrastructure with no coding involved. We even automate the updates of your toolchain.


Build your pipelines, code free.

Drag 'n drop the perfect workflow for each of your pipelines. You can build dependencies around parent/child pipelines to handle even the most complex  deployments. Build pipelines for any language, Salesforce and AI/ML code deployments.

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Metrics for all the things, and all the people.

85+ KPIs across your entire SDLC. Combining the analytics across all your tools, you get access to dashboards that give you the big picture across your pipelines, security, and operations.

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View aggregated logs, with context.

Opsera aggregates the logs across all your pipelines and tools. Easily search by build number and swiftly diagnose failures. Generate files for auditory and compliance requirements.

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Why Developers Love Opsera

Release Autonomy

Own your pipeline with the autonomy to release on demand.

Continuous Delivery

With autonomous pipelines, reach peak release velocity.

No Grunt Work

Focus on features and not building automation infrastructure.

Why SREs Love Opsera

Customized Toolchain

Architect your perfect CI/CD toolchain using your choice of tools.

Secure Pipelines

Bulletproof pipelines with quality and security gates baked in.

Data Privacy

Separate VPC, SSO Encrypted storage & vault.

Empower and enable your developers to ship faster