DevSecOps, Security, and DevOps Governance with Opsera

Opsera’s DevSecOps Platform helps your organization unify your tools, prevent vulnerabilities, and provide security, governance, and compliance at every level.

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Benefits of Opsera's DevSecOps Platform

Balance speed and quality

DevOps aims for fast delivery but still needs consistent quality and stability. Governance sets the guardrails for achieving both.

Manage risk and compliance

Without guidance, rapid software deployment can introduce security vulnerabilities or breach regulations. Governance establishes checks and balances to mitigate these risks.

Optimize resources and costs

Efficient use of tools and infrastructure is crucial in DevOps. Governance defines processes for resource allocation and optimizes spending.

Promote collaboration

DevOps thrives on close collaboration between Dev and Ops teams. Governance fosters shared goals and a unified approach.

DevSecOps Frequently Asked Questions

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Magic Quadrant for DevOps Platforms

Opsera was named an Honorable Mention in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms. Opsera brings together the entire software development lifecycle with integrated tool choice, unified insights, and a focus on intuitive, no-code developer experience and automation. Download the report.

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