Stop leaks and secure your source code

GitCustodian alerts you to vulnerable
secrets hiding in your source code ―
which helps you fix them before itʼs too late.

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Secure your source code now

Do more than hope your secrets are safe

GitCustodian puts your team on the offense against leaks. It helps you create, share, and enforce best practices across the security development lifecycle. You get orchestrated secrets governance for all your pipelines and workflows.

Accurate and complete

Uncover a wide array of secrets, and other sensitive data in your code, using state-of-the-art algorithms and profiles.

Break down team silos

Notify related teams to take immediate action, with flexible alerting via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and ServiceNow.

Better compliance reporting

See the security health of all your continuous development code, with actionable insights.

Proactive secrets governance

Find secrets before they’re introduced into the software supply chain. Enforce SDL governance as gates in your pipeline workflows.

Uncover leaks and automate remediation

How GitCustodian secures your code

Scans source code in minutes

Get a clear snapshot of all vulnerable secrets and other sensitive artifacts in your version control systems.

Add secrets detection to your workflows

Find, alert, fix, and verify’ should be a built-in part of your workflows. GitCustodian also includes trouble-ticketing to manage it all.

Compliance made easy

Reporting and audit trails are built in, so you can show risk reduction and full adherence to best practices.

Find loose secrets before commits

Catch secrets and other sensitive artifacts before release, with detection and governance gates right in the software pipeline.

Secrets and keys: safe at last

GitCustodian’s built-in vault ends the hassle and friction of secrets management. You’re covered!

"Detect & Protect" Secrets Across your Source Code Repos and Prevent the Leakage of Sensitive Data

Stealing credentials and secrets out of source code and configuration files is a common technique that attackers have used in many breaches.  GitCustodian can help identify and mitigate such risks across your codebase as a part of automatically-generated and operationalized CI/CD pipelines which is one of Opsera's key strengths.

Neil Daswani
co-author of Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone

If enterprises want to increase their speed of delivery, innovation, and development, they have to be open to change and adopt a tool that can proactively scan and prevent leaking sensitive data accidentally.

Jon Collins

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