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Salesforce DevOps Assessment for
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Learn how to automate your Salesforce and other SaaS applications releases and gain visibility into your Salesforce team’s progress with a 30-day plan.

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Three biggest Salesforce DevOps issues today: 

1.  IT leaders are managing complex, disparate environments and multiple SaaS solutions that different business units individually brought in.

2. Salesforce teams are spending their weekends manually deploying Salesforce applications, frustrated by the lack of visibility into their logs and backup mechanism.

3. IT leaders are struggling to put together audit reports and stay compliant with SOX and other requirements.

The goal is to automate building, testing, and deployment of Salesforce and all your SaaS applications releases, leveraging your existing team and existing tools. You will save time by moving away from building separate development teams, custom data migrations and release management tactics for each new project. 

A 30-day plan to end-to-end Salesforce DevOps includes:

  • A DevOps maturity curve to define and track your desired outcomes
  • Guidelines to audit your DevOps Tools
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to gain visibility over all tools and metrics with Opsera

By the end of the assessment, you'll have clarity on a few crucial steps you should take over the next 30 days.

To build the 30-day plan, we will:

  • Assess how to solve your biggest challenges when it comes to unified insights
  • Review your current strategy around KPIs and metrics, DevOps tools, CI/CD pipelines, and any gaps you may have
  • Create a plan with our Salesforce DevOps advisor to bring your strategy into a Unified Dashboard

Opsera's Salesforce DevOps Strategy Advisors have helped companies across industries reduce their OpEx through Salesforce Devops automation. Leaders from NortonLifeLock, Honeywell, Infoblox and Couchbase have seen up to 50% improvement in their developer productivity and 80% faster releases.

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