Opsera Unified DevOps Platform

The Only End-to-End DevOps Platform for Every Enterprise Team

Deliver superior software and Unified Intelligence with no setup, no scripting, and no maintenance required. 

Demo Opsera DevOps Platform
Opsera DevOps Platform is cloud-native and powered by Hummingbird AI
Opsera supports any tool and any SDLC, SaaS, or IaC use case.

No more rip and replace. Support any tool and any SDLC, SaaS, or IaC use case.

Enable and empower your teams to deliver better software safer and faster than ever with drag and drop UI, Infrastructure-as-Code, or however they like to work. 

All with intelligent automation, integrated testing and security, and Enterprise-wide insights, Powered by Hummingbird AI.

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What is Opsera Unified DevOps Platform?

Opsera Unified DevOps is the only cloud-native platform for enterprise software teams that solves tools sprawl, reduces risk, cuts costs, improves performance and productivity, and speeds up delivery with automated toolchains, declarative pipeline templates, integrated security, AI-driven analysis, and unified insights for any CI/CD tool, SaaS environment, and cloud of choice.

  • Increase Efficiency, Optimize Tool Spend, Get Cross-Lifecycle Visibility, and Decrease Costs 
  • Improve Developer Experience, Gain Actionable Insights, and Increase Productivity Using the Tools Your Developers Love
  • Accelerate Software Innovation and Speed Up Your Time to Market Through Orchestration and Automation
  • Enhance Security and Integrate Testing Throughout the Entire Development Lifecycle
  • Support SaaS environments including Salesforce, Boomi, Apigee, and more.
Opsera DevOps Platform combines devops toolchain automation, CI/CD pipeline automation, shift left security and quality, source code migration, and unified insights into one cloud-native platform, all powered by Hummingbird AI.

Opsera Unified DevOps Platform Features and Solutions

Opsera is built to scale and mature the modern enterprise.

Identity Providers

Opsera supports SSO protocols, including Okta, SAML, and LDAP.

Manage and regulate access to your enterprise users.


Opsera provides an AWS VPC for each customer instance. All customers are provided with their own ELK and MongoDB instance.

Customer data is protected and not shared across instances, minimizing security risk and maintaining enterprise compliance requirements.

SaaS & Hybrid

With Hybrid, we can deploy Opsera within your own VPC.

On-premises is fully contained within your organization (private beta).

No more Jenkinstein glue code or custom scripts. Build declarative, secure pipelines.

Custom Workflows

Pick and choose the tools that we offer, or integrate your existing tools.

Choose your preferred tool for every step in your CI/CD process. Pipelines workflows can include every step you require, including software builds, security scans, unit testing, and deployments. 

Opsera DevOps platform's custom workflows
Drag and drop visual editor for custom pipelines

Visual Editor

Customize pipelines with a drag and drag workflow builder. Templatize your workflows for scale.

Maintain scripts visually and drop the scripts. Remove the need for manually scripting your pipelines. Templatize your best-practices and reuse existing pipelines.

Triggers and Thresholds

Automatically execute your pipelines using various triggers, including: event based, time scheduler, or manually.

For each step in your pipeline, you define what is considered a pass or fail using thresholds.

Reach optimal Continuous Delivery by embracing proper CI/CD practices and delivery software faster to your customers.

Triggers, Thresholds and Alerts
Custom JSON to configure your pipelines

JSON Configuration

All pipeline workflows are available using JSON and can be stored into any Git repository for bi-directional sync.

Practice proper GitOps techniques by leveraging code to configure your pipelines for optimal scale.


Using our Slack integration, you can add granular alerts for each step in your pipelines to alert specific channels through execution.

Reduce noise and maximize relevance by providing alerts for relevant teams and Slack channels throughout each step of pipeline execution.

Triggers, Thresholds and Alerts
Activity log of every step in the workflow process

Activity Log

All pipelines generate an activity log of every step in the workflow process, including console outputs.

Diagnose any pipeline failures from within the UI using the console output of every step within your pipeline execution.

Reduce tool sprawl by up to 75%

Orchestrate any software developer stack, with zero coding involved.

Self-service Toolchain Provisioning

Opsera is non-opinionated on your toolchain, so you get to choose your own best-of-breed tools. Put together the perfect CI/CD stack that fits your organization’s goals. Zero vendor lock-in.

Then, Opsera automatically provisions and deploys the infrastructure for your toolchain. Focus on deploying your applications, not your tools.

Self-service toolchain provisioning allows you to craft the CI/CD stack that fits your goals
Toolchain Automation

No-code Integration

Add each of your tools within your CI/CD stack into Opsera.

Eliminate your manual scripts and stop manually building your CI/CD automation. Free your DevOps engineers to focus on your core business.

Manage Updates

When an update is available for any tool, you can update from within Opsera.

You can A/B test the new version and rollback if necessary.

Have Opsera manage your DevOps catalog and lessen the risk of upgrades using A/B testing.

CI/CD intelligence with software delivery observability and logs across all your pipelines.

Software Analytics

Opsera aggregates software delivery analytics across your CI/CD process into a single and unified view.

Gain insights from tools like Jenkins, Gitlab, Jira, Sonar, JMeter, and more. View your metrics in true CI/CD categories, including Pipelines, Planning, SecOps, Quality, and Operations. 

View KPIs from a holistic DevOps perspective. Understand your processes using Lead Time, Change Failure Rate, Deployment Frequency, and Time to Restore. Identify gaps, gain efficiency, increase security, and build best practices. 

Unified Analytics
Contextual Logs


Diagnose any failures —including searching by build number — using the logs of all the tools that were involved in the execution.

View the RCA so that you can troubleshoot issues faster. Generate PDF files to share for auditory and compliance purposes.

Persona-based Dashboards

DevOps analytics targeting vertical roles, including: developers, managers, and executives.

Understand your DevOps processes from both a practitioner perspective and managerial to make better technical and business decisions.

Persona based Dashboards

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