Migrate from any SCM to GitHub in 1 click.

Opsera’s Unified DevOps Platform provides faster migration with end-to-end automation, audit trails, analysis, reports and ability to track changes across multiple migration tasks across SCM and Pipelines.

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Source Code Migration with Opsera eases the transition to GitHub

Moving from On-Prem to Cloud Source Code Management?

Atlassian is ending support for Server products like BitBucket in 2024. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of innovations like GitHub Copilot.

Manual and in-house  SCM migration efforts are time-consuming and error prone, often with little visibility into the process or results

Other solutions including GitHub’s Enterprise Importer utility are slow, taking hours to import a handful of repos at a time

Enterprises with hundreds or thousands of repos are facing expensive migration work and wasting developer time when they could be focusing on driving innovation

SCM Migration From On-Prem to Cloud in 1 Click.

Feature-Rich SCM Support

Opsera SCM Migration utility helps enterprises to migrate repos, branches, webhooks, pull requests, and full  history
Opsera Pipelines to support AD integration for user migration
Delta sync between BitBucket and GitHub
Opsera SCM Migration utility performance is significantly faster with end-to-end automation, analysis, and migration
Opsera Source Code Migration is rich with features that make migration simple
The migration analysis report summarizes any errors and creates Jira tickets upon failure

Analysis and Reporting

Opsera SCM migration analysis report  provides  an automated summary of repos, including file sizes to prevent failures
Supports repos that are larger than 700MB files and  provides summaries of large files
Migration analysis report, burndown charts, post-migration reports, integration with collaboration tools for alerts and notifications
Automatic Jira ticket creation upon failures

Seamless Workflow with No Disruption

Accelerated, seamless migration of Bitbucket, GitLab and other SCM tools to GitHub
Migrate existing CI (Bamboo/Jenkins) to GitHub via Opsera platform
Improve developer productivity, security and quality using Opsera Unified Insights
System-Driven maturity to identify gaps, inefficiencies, bottlenecks across teams
Our seamless workflow migrates many tools to GitHub

Honeywell Accelerated Source Code Management Migration by 25x with Opsera

Opsera helped accelerate Honeywell move to Github by 25x, taking migration down from 6 days for 100+ repos to 1.5 hours.

Honeywell leverages Opsera’s DevOps Platform to choose tools like GitHub, integrate security (GitCustodian) and testing, spin up infrastructure quickly, and build declarative pipelines with zero coding in a matter of minutes, reducing deployment time by 65% and increasing productivity by 2x.

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