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Build secure, resilient software and automate compliance across DevSecOps pipelines

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Secure by Design, Everytime

The Opsera Continuous Orchestration Platform makes it easy to build secure software by automating security best practices for every stage of the development lifecycle.

Securely store
secrets and keys

Opsera’s Vault secures your secrets and tokens making it easy to follow secrets best practices.

Report compliance and demonstrate governance

Demonstrate risk reduction and adherence to industry best practices with built-in reporting, industry standard KPIs, and complete audit logging.

Incorporate new security and quality tools

Keep up with new requirements and tool advancements with no impact on existing workflow productivity. Replace any tool with just a few clicks including SAST, SCA, DAST and TVM tools.

Automate security scans into every pipeline execution

Automatically scan source code without requiring the application to be run. Users can easily connect their Git accounts inside Opsera pipelines and quickly check the quality of their code using native code analyzer or tools like SonarQube.

Opsera provides complete visibility into the real-time effectiveness of your
secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) with industry-standard
scorecards. If vulnerabilities are discovered or exploited

Build in Security Across Your Pipelines

Highest level of SLSA compliance

Opsera leverages the highest SLSA security standard to deliver builds you can trust and verify. SLSA Level 4 “requires a two-person review of all changes and a hermetic, reproducible build process”.

Break down silos and drive adoption of security best practices

Standardize security and quality controls into repeatable workflow templates. Best practices can be applied consistently across your teams without a loss of speed and productivity.

Stop leaks and secure your source code

Stop secrets from being introduced into your software supply chain and enforce governance with built-in secrets management. Opsera GitCustodian alerts you to vulnerable secrets hiding in your source code and then helps you fix them before it’s too late.

Measure and benchmark security effectiveness and compliance

Opsera Unified Insights enables complete visibility into the impact of vulnerabilities, remediation, and governance efforts with industry-standard scorecards and KPIs, including DORA and NIST.

Build secure, resilient software and automate compliance across DevSecOps pipelines