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Critical Insights.
Intelligent Recommendations.
Cost-Saving Automation.

Leverage the power of generative Al across your software delivery lifecycle.

Experience an Enterprise class DevOps Platform powered by Hummingbird AI.

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Leverage the power of Hummingbird AI to understand your DevOps Pipelines better and to resolve issues faster.

Ask Hummingbird AI, the Generative AI DevOps Expert.

Get critical insights across your software development lifecycle using your data and toolchains to improve delivery speed, quality, and stability.

Intelligent Developer productivity insights
Trending Summaries
Reporting and Visualization
Enhance user experience
All delivered via an easy-to-use interactive experience

Fix problems, Improve Quality, Cut Costs.

Prompt-based recommendations and aggregated summaries based on Hummingbird AI to improve costs, quality, and error remediation across your cloud environment to deliver software and fix problems faster.

Cost and efficacy summaries
Aggregated and human-readable error logs and knowledgebase articles for quick remediation
AI-driven recommendations for automated pipelines and fixes and ongoing optimizations

Improve Security and Quality Across Your Org.

Use Hummingbird AI intelligence to improve your security posture and automatically identify and remediate security and quality vulnerabilities.

Based on your teams' repo metadata, provides recommendation on the CI/CD pipeline template
Aggregation and summary of security and quality vulnerabilities
Hummingbird AI driven recommendations to improve your entire organization’s security posture

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Enable your Enterprise software teams to build and release better, faster, and more securely on the Opsera DevOps Platform.

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