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DevOps Visibility Assessment for Engineering Leaders

Learn how to get end-to-end visibility over your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) data by moving away from manual reporting with a 30-day plan.

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Three biggest DevOps visibility issues today: 

1. Engineering leaders are wasting time by logging into 10 different tools to pull a single KPI from each one.

2. Engineering teams are manually updating a spreadsheet with status updates in red, yellow, and green. 

3. Developers’ coding time is wasted building dashboards on the side.

The goal is to unite all metrics and SDLC data in one place – one executive dashboard that gives leaders full visibility from ideation to deployment with a step-by-step plan.

A 30-day plan to end-to-end visibility includes:

  • A DevOps maturity curve to define and track your desired outcomes
  • Guidelines to audit your DevOps Tools
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to gain visibility over all tools and metrics with Opsera

By the end of the assessment, you'll have clarity on a few crucial steps you should take over the next 30 days.

To build the 30-day plan, we will:

  • Assess how to solve your biggest challenges when it comes to unified insights
  • Review your current strategy around KPIs and metrics, DevOps tools, CI/CD pipelines and any gaps you may have
  • Create a plan with our DevOps advisor to bring your strategy into a Unified Dashboard

Opsera's DevOps Strategy Advisors have been improving visibility for industry leaders such as Uber, NortonLife Lock, Honeywell, Sephora, and Siemens. As a result, Opsera's customers have managed to reduce deployment time by 75% and improve security and quality posture by 60%.

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