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A Journey Towards DevOps at Scale

Vishnu Vasudevan
Vishnu Vasudevan
Published on
March 1, 2023

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A Journey Towards DevOps at Scale: Decentralized, Flexible, Grassroot & Value Driven 

The following introductory tutorial has been constructed with the expertise and poise of DevOps Professionals, and the like, through a Live Crowd Chat discussion held by none other than the Capital Carbon Consulting Team in their Canada DevOps Community of Practice Events. Written by Christine Dyack. 

How the organization organizes around technological delivery, needs to change too.” As we have learned from working in many fields and industries, there is never an exact right time. We must gauge and use the tools that we have before us in an automated collaboration to expand our abilities and increase potential predictions of what may come, further advancing ourselves into a more productive and triumphant end result. Looking at the implementation of automation into a scaling environment, there are many ways that we can strengthen our success rate and hit the ground running. As GunJan Syal (@gunjansyal) put it, “Start with small teams and encourage skill development with a culture of fail fast fail often - then fix it. Support from leadership (is needed) as you approach (the) scaled part, (thus creating) clarity across the organization on what they want to achieve from DevOps.” While William Szepesi (@wszepesi) added, “automation is required for any DevOps implementation and more is needed when scaling.” Automation is a huge intricate part of making sure that DevOps teams can support, especially when it comes to creating a business environment and reducing the mundane tasks required to fulfill a day's work. When testing and analysis are performed to confirm the need to have certain tasks automated, our working experience and job reification increases, while our stresses and tediousness decreases.

How to Address Strategic Gaps Tips From the Experts
  • When there is continuous feedback scaling becomes organic.
  • Start small and use those initial wins
  • Identify capability gaps and determine how to close them.
  • Don’t get caught up in complexity before the value.
  • Individual buy in as well as teams and the overall organization It's a journey.

There are certain strategic gaps that will come when implementing a scaled structure into the DevOps Methodologies and practices. Gunjan Syal  (@gunjansyal) provided two main gaps, “A lot of times organizations are taking on DevOps and Agile journeys at the same time but they’re not always aligned - they need to be... (in) alignment on the business cases, the ultimate reason for how DevOps will help the organization.This will provide clear guardrails and enable autonomy for the team to develop a concrete governance.” 

As a solution, Steven Zheng (@SteveZhengCA) replied, “Always do the Agile & DevOps Maturity evaluation first.” All in all, Communication and Collaboration are a necessary ribbon to intertwine between the leadership teams and the rest of organization as a whole. This will ensure that the main focus and success targets are well defined as well as at an attainable level, small steps encourage big contributions, and when our teams see more successes, it will encourage more collaboration and dedication to the continuous road-map of visionary success.

Canada DevOps Community of Practice Events original post: http://bit.ly/DevOpssummit2020


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