DevSecOps From Code to Cloud: Meet Opsera at AWS Reinvent 2022.

AWS Reinvent 2022 Recap

Juliet Martin

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December 12, 2022

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AWS Reinvent 2022 Recap

Last month, Opsera made our way to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in AWS Reinvent 2022 with a whopping 60,000 attendees. As a team, we bonded, worked hard, and shipped an app that helps you scan your Git repo!

Our booth was located in the start-up area near the AWS Village. With fun games such as our disc drop and spin the wheel, we welcome people to learn about our brand (Did you grab our T-Shirts and water bottles? They were a hit!)

We got to meet a lot of developers and engineers all over the world, from India, to South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia! It was a pleasure getting to meet such a diverse group of people, and talk about how to embed quality and security into their existing pipelines, gain insights and visibility into end-to-end delivery pipelines, and tool sprawl.

From Code to Clique

On November 29th, Tuesday evening, we held a happy hour at the Clique Cosmopolitan Hotel to welcome our peers, customers, partners, and investors. We shared many great experiences and talked about the flexibility of the Opsera product.

Scan your secrets. For Free

When it comes to protecting your secrets, prevention is key. Timely detection will help your team mitigate the incidence before it escalates. That’s why we brought GitCustodian App to AWS this time. The app is currently available for Macbook.

Scan your GitHub repo with GitCustodian App.

Many attendees shared with us the challenges in monitoring build slowness issues. We built GitCustodian App to help you get early detection of what part in the process that is causing security issues. Opsera’s solution also allows you to add DevSecOps quickly to an existing workflow.

It’s not that often that the World Cup season overlaps with one of the largest tech conferences in the world. DevSecOps and World Cup sounded like a pretty good combo!

Opsera is able to bring in existing tools and integrate security into your CI/CD pipelines. With Opsera’s built-in security and the ability to mix and match SaaS DevOps tools like Anchore or Sonarqube.

We can take your DevSecOps from code to cloud and build in security across your CI/CD deployments. Build secure software and automate compliance across DevSecOps pipelines.

Reach out to our team and book a demo with us!

See you next year!

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