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Conversations with a CIO on Continuous Orchestration

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Susmitha Vakkalanka
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We interviewed Declan Morris, former CIO of Splunk on the trends and evolution of DevOps, challenges faced by Developer and Operations team, and what the industry needs in this next phase of evolution.

Here is a transcript of the conversation.

DevOps Challenges Faced by Teams Today

One of the biggest challenges facing the DevOps movement right now is that the crossroads you've got.

The challenges that come with the best of the breed tools are, you got to know how to orchestrate all of those components together. That's why I believe that continuous orchestration is a critical function within any DevOps shop these days.

What is Continuous Orchestration

When considering a continuous orchestration solution, there are really three things you want to keep in mind. 

So any good continuous orchestration solution worth itself can allow you to focus and narrow in on what the issue is.

Why Now?

The question is why now? Well, the reason being, we are under tremendous pressure to accelerate the digitization of our business and in many cases with the reduced resources that we need. So when you are dealing with that kind of accelerated growth and potentially a decline in resource capacity, and one of the things that you want to avoid is spending those precious cycles in building out CI/CD pipelines versus building a product. So the timing couldn't be better. 

This is what the market is demanding. This is what the market needs. And so you do want to look at solutions such as Opsera that enables you to achieve this with zero lock-in, and with the greatest flexibility, security and reliability.

The value is to be able to deliver products faster, more reliably, and more securely, with fewer defects.

Reach out to us today, if you’d like more information about how Opsera can help orchestrate your DevOps for faster and safer software delivery!