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Developer and Customer Satisfaction Matter: Human-centric Insights from Google and DORA’s Accelerate 2023 State of DevOps Report

Anna Daugherty
Anna Daugherty
Published on
October 26, 2023

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Enable Developers to be User-Focused

Enabled Software Teams = Performance and Satisfaction

How to Enable High-Performing Organizations

How to Upgrade Organizational Performance with DORA Insights and Opsera


The 2023 edition of the Accelerate State of DevOps Report (also known around these parts as “The DORA Report”) dropped this month and reveals a crucial, surprising truth: employee well-being is important and correlates with higher performing teams and organizations. 

Now, I (along with plenty of other folks in the DevOps space that I will list below) have been preaching improving employee well-being over the past year, and to focus not just on software delivery metrics, but on outcomes including customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and market impact. 

What does this shift mean for organizations, and how can they improve developer experience to ensure better performance and outcomes? 

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Enable Developers to be User-Focused

According to the report, teams that focus on what users want, need, expect, and will use have 40% higher organizational performance than those that don’t build with users first. 

In order for software developers to focus on the user, they need to understand the user. This means tight collaboration with Product, Product Marketing, Customer Success, and even Sales to get feedback about what customers truly want. 

And in order for a developer to have this level of collaboration, it starts with a cross-organizational culture of user-centricity, unified development insights, and cross-team knowledge sharing. When developers are in-the-know about users, they report 20% higher job satisfaction.

“Teams that focus on the needs of users build the right thing AND build the thing right.” 

- State of DevOps Report 2023

Enabled Software Teams = Performance and Satisfaction

The call for continuous delivery has been ringing for years now, but the fruits of these efforts are finally coming to bear. 

When teams have loosely coupled architecture, meaning that they’re able to build, test, and deploy without relying on other teams, gates, or bottlenecks, they’re performing better, the organization performs better, and employees are more satisfied, according to this year’s report. 

Teams with shorter code review times have 50% better software delivery performance. Efficient code review processes lead to code improvements, knowledge transfer, shared code ownership, team ownership, and transparency

How to Enable High-Performing Organizations

The report shares plenty more excellent cultural and technical observations about ways to enable software teams. We’d like to share these critical capabilities, as well as concrete ways to implement tools, processes, and culture. 

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How to Upgrade Organizational Performance with DORA Insights and Opsera

The 2023 State of DevOps Report findings will shock (and delight) you. Learn about these findings directly from the DORA research team in this joint webinar with Opsera, uncover and avoid common challenges to increasing organizational performance, and discover how to enable your software teams to achieve 12x operational performance through:

  • Flexible Architecture
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Unified Insights
  • AI Assistance
  • Team Culture


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