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Dreamforce 2022 Recap: Salesforce DevOps Highlights

Phuong Vu
Phuong Vu
Published on
March 1, 2023

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This year, the Opsera team has the opportunity to participate in Dreamforce from 20-22 September 2022 in San Francisco, in celebration of Dreamforce 20th anniversary. It was not only the first time our dispersed team got together in person but also a milestone in launching our first Salesforce Release Management platform free trial.

1. Opsera presence

Our booth was located next to the Presentation area , close to the Slack booth. Slack integration is a big advantage of the Opsera platform, as we have close to 100 integrations that allow your developers to bring in the tools of their choice.

In the spirit of the sustainability theme of Dreamforce 2022, Opsera’s eco-friendly jute bags give away has amassed lots of interest.

We were excited to meet with lots of first timers at Dreamforce. Our conversations with release managers and engineers point us to help teams who have black box solutions that slow down their deployments, or who are still doing manual deployments.

Drone Winner!
AirPods winner!

On Tuesday, evening, we welcomed our partners, investors, customers and peers to an exclusive dinner at Top of the Mark, where we share experiences in making the Salesforce releases easier for teams at the enterprise scale.

This year’s Dreamforce has seen a significant decrease in attendance, but Dreamforce is still providing a must needed boost to San Francisco local economy.

Demo Jam

Sharing the stage with WithSecure and Natterbox during the 3 minutes Demo Jam, we are impressed with the creativity in other teams’ presentation. WithSecure, the Cloud protection solution for Salesforce is the winner. Regardless of the silent disco setting, our team has a fun time sharing our rap song with the audience.

Speaking session

We are honored to have our fellow customer from Nokia to share their experiences going from slow release cycles, manual processes, time-consuming profile migrations and manual validation process to automated pipelines, source-driven development, automated security and quality backup and recovery. Furthermore, there was no learning curve for Nokia.

No more Friday nightmare for developers!

2. DevOps trends

DevOps was somewhat of a new term to some of those the Salesforce community, and for those new to this concept, we explained that it is essentially the practice of breaking down the traditional silos between software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) DevOps in an effort to shorten the SDLC’s (Software Development Life Cycles) requirements to support Agile software development best practices. And in support of CI/CD (Continuous Innovation (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)) pipeline needs, in order to remain competitive in the market. Incumbent in this environment is the additional focus on continual and automated improvements is quality, security and compliance.

This is an area Opsera has focused on since inception. Our Definitive Guide to Salesforce DevOps and DevOps tools and practices will walk you through our best practices in the Salesforce environment.

For additional perspectives on the subject, please see -Tips to Master Salesforce Release Management

Opsera is here to save you time in each delivery while keeping your developers happy. Reach out to our team, or try out our Salesforce free trial here.

Until the next time!

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