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Dreamforce 2023 Recap: The Doctor is in!

Juliet Martin
Juliet Martin
Published on
September 26, 2023

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The Dreamforce Experience 

Opsera’s Salesforce DevOps Solutions

On September 12-14, Opsera made their way down to Dreamforce 2023 at the Moscone Center, located in San Francisco, CA. For the second time in our company’s history, we were excited to showcase our ability to bring a Salesforce-focused solution designed to streamline and optimize the entire Salesforce development and release process. Not to mention, we announced our Salesforce DevOps 3.0 updates.  

On Tuesday morning, we kicked off the week strong by hosting a breakfast event at the Westin, welcoming partners, investors, customers, and peers. We bonded over coffee, a hearty breakfast, and conversations about Salesforce DevOps practices. 

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The Dreamforce Experience 

Our Dreamforce experience can be summed up as an eventful and learning journey for us and our booth visitors. For the event this year, we embraced the theme of “DevOps Therapy” because, just like another doctor we know, we aim to heal common Salesforce DevOps challenges. 

Meet Doc Ops!

Our booth was filled with energy and even a few dancing sessions…. 

Our team and developers loved our “I Heart DevOps” t-shirts and jute bags. They were a hit. Plus who doesn’t look good in purple?

We were excited and fortunate to engage with many developers and admins looking to free themselves from manual deployments, complicated releases, and low productivity. 

At Dreamforce, we played the role of “DevOps therapists”, and the "patients" had a lot to share. We spoke about common DevOps “symptoms” such as: 

  • Developer Code Conflicts: The occurrences of code conflicts between different developers.
  • Source Code Management Cleanup: The difficulties of cleaning up branch code in source management tools, lead to increased storage size.
  • Performance Impact: Platforms that sit atop Salesforce that utilize org resources, resulting in performance challenges.
  • Scalability Concerns: With the addition of multiple developers, administrators, release managers, and Salesforce Orgs, they encounter scalability limitations within their environment.
  • Integration Challenges: Many Salesforce platforms have several integrations, but still face difficulty to be quick, adaptable, and agile when incorporating new integrations.

We sympathize with our patients because these symptoms can be painful, but we have a solution that can pave the way for a healthier, more efficient Salesforce environment.

Opsera’s Salesforce DevOps Solutions

Your prescription for better Salesforce DevOps is ready! 

Opsera’s Salesforce DevOps Platform provides a unified, secure, and automated solution for managing your Salesforce organization. With advanced features tailored specifically to ensure seamless integration, streamline deployments, and enhance collaboration, Opsera provides a unified view across your Salesforce environment to help you make better and more informed decisions. Effortlessly leverage your existing team and tools with no setup - no maintenance required. 

Dreamforce 2023 proved itself to be a remarkable event, as it was an opportunity to engage with numerous individuals within the DevOps community. As we conclude this year’s event, we invite you to learn more about how Opsera can help empower and enable your engineering team to ship faster without compromising security and quality.

Until next time! Because goodbyes always make our throats hurt… 

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