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Ensuring security in Salesforce DevOps

Prasana Lakshmi
Prasana Lakshmi
Published on
August 15, 2023

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DevOps for Salesforce: Why should it not be an afterthought?

There’s no denying that DevOps is changing how code deployments function. No matter what industry you work in, DevOps has a lot of cultural advantages, including greater teamwork, efficiency, and transparency.

Salesforce DevOps is unique from similar practices in that it uses administrators, low-code developers, and architects to create applications using drag-and-drop simplicity or a few clicks. The proper technologies, like version control or a deployment pipeline, are essential for Salesforce DevOps success.
Salesforce is currently helping DevOps gain traction, and businesses are changing their perspectives to foster quicker innovation. As a result, developers now follow DevOps principles rather than using a release management method. Accordingly, a report reveals that more clients are implementing Salesforce DevOps. 

Lessons from the Salesforce Log4j security incident 

Salesforce Log4j, one of the largest vulnerabilities of its time, caused many companies to patch to guard against the potential consequences. By using the JNDI, the vulnerability permits the execution of any code (Java Naming and Directory Interface). The attacker must be able to direct the vulnerable host to download Java classes from a host they control in order to properly exploit the Log4j vulnerability. As a result, they must be able to connect via LDAP from the victim to the system hosting the classes, which is typically on the Internet.

This incident provided insightful security practices, with a particular emphasis on secure development, security hygiene, and other areas. The most important lesson is the value of having a strong security posture.

Additionally, allocate a portion of your software to guarantee that you have a strong defense. A crucial next step after gathering your knowledge on the incident is to scan your environment and determine the full extent of the issue. 

If organizations want to step up their security game and be ready for the next global vulnerability, they need to take a closer look at the protective mechanisms they currently have in place. This includes defense-in-depth, having the appropriate procedures and automated technologies to speed up repeated tasks.

How Opsera ensures security in Salesforce DevOps 

Static Code Analysis for Salesforce Developers 

Making mistakes is not an option while assuring code and compliance. Static analysis is a debugging technique that automatically scans the source code without requiring the application to be run. This gives programmers a better grasp of their code base and helps to make sure it is lawful, secure, and safe.

Salesforce Deployments expects 0% false positives for code smells and defects. Developers won't have to worry about whether a fix is necessary because at least this is the aim. With Opsera, static code analysis is as simple as it gets. Users may easily connect their Git accounts inside Opsera pipelines and quickly check the quality of their code thanks to the supported SonarQube connection. 

Additionally, the Sonar Ratings KPI insights, allow you to view security metrics, such as bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells in analytical format.

GitCustodian by Opsera

For developers, fighting secret leaks in Git programmes is a tedious effort. Scan GitHub and GitLab repositories to find and stop the fraudulent usage of any secrets or tokens.

Opsera's Git Custodian focuses on Git security to shield your code against the leakage of secrets, tokens, or any other sensitive information. Verify that there are fewer vulnerabilities and coding problems by scanning all branches in private repositories. Find the range of security events in your code and improve the security of your application.

GitCustodian is supported by Opsera as a free, no-login downloading tool to make things simpler. The software offers all vulnerabilities of your Git repository (on GitHub or GitLab) and enables you to export them for further sharing and taking the appropriate action. It is currently available for Silicon Mac users only.

Finally, given how quickly the threat landscape is shifting every day, defense in depth and defensive controls are essential. Importantly, make sure that security is always given priority throughout the company.

Contact us at support@opsera.io to learn more about Opsera's security or to request a demo, and we'll be pleased to assist you!

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