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G2 Recognizes Opsera in Six Categories of Software Development

Susmitha Vakkalanka
Susmitha Vakkalanka
Published on
March 1, 2023

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G2 recently recognized Opsera as a "high performer" for the second consecutive quarter. “A “high performer” is defined as having high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence compared to the rest of the category, in five categories:

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Build Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Value Stream Management

Opsera was also recognized as a niche performer in the DevOps Platform category as the solution gained awareness and traction as a full-fledged DevOps Platform.

We are recognized as a leader because we understand the challenges developers and DevOps engineers face when trying to create or implement a software development process. We provide our customers with an end-to-end solution that includes everything they need to get started, including a customizable process template, a library of pre-built plugins and integrations, and professional services. As a result, our customers are able to achieve DevOps success faster and with less effort.

User reviews are consistent with what we've been hearing from clients:

"Opsera provides great integration for the CI/CD pipeline in a declarative format. This allows engineers and product owners who are not coders to construct useful interpretations of which tests they need and when."
"Automation made it easy for release management. Once setup is done it helps to automate the deployment process, which reduces time."
"UI that can help anybody manage their software lifecycle. Helps automate deployment process once setup, reduces time spent by developers."
"The core team can focus on their critical responsibility, as they no need to worry about maintaining or managing automation stuff anymore. Opsera DevOps continuous orchestration delivers easy automation of release management across the enterprise applications. Comprehensive visibility from the platform helped us decommission legacy release management tools helping reduce the Opex."

Here's what clients have been saying:

"Opsera is built based on the needs of the enterprise. Our technical leads were able to work with the Opsera team and set up all the pipelines without additional resources." -- Gorkey Vemulapalli, Senior Director, Precision Medicine Data & Systems, City of Hope
"With Opsera's end-to-end automation, we were able to increase the productivity of our developers and get visibility into all our pipelines and releases. Now, I can see the development and quality metrics of individual contributors." -- Kishore Gandham Founder & CEO of KeyWest Networks
"We had built our own pipelines and tooling over a two year period... the Opsera team built the integration in two days. I feel like the holistic approach that the Opsera is taking to solve the Orchestrating problems is a key step in the evolution of DevOps." -- Kevin Railsback Senior Director of Technical Operations, Reflektion
“Opsera delivers easy release automation across enterprise applications such as Salesforce that improves deployment times by 50-75%. Comprehensive visibility from the platform helped us decommission legacy release management tools.” - Dayakar Duvvuru Senior Director Enterprise Applications, NortonLifeLock
“Opsera’s orchestration platform helped improve the velocity of project execution with enhanced automation and improved collaboration between the Dev and Ops teams, with deployment time reduced by 43%.” -- Engineering Leader, F500 Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a DevOps automation platform that can help you achieve continuous delivery, continuous integration, build automation, configuration management, value stream management, and DevOps platform success, look no further than Opsera.

If you're interested in automating your DevOps pipeline, check out our online demo or we'll be happy to customize a demo for your needs

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