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G2 Reviews Recognizes Opsera in Four Categories for Software Development

Juliet Martin
Juliet Martin
Published on
March 1, 2023

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At Opsera, we are committed to helping companies increase their speed of release, innovation, and development! As a startup, it can be difficult to climb our way into the spotlight. However, the last two years we have seen tremendous growth and it’s all thanks to our customers and team. We continue to receive positive feedback and have obtained a few trophies along the way. 

High Performing Categories

We are proud to share that G2 recently recognized Opsera as a “high performer” in Summer 2022 reports. A “high performer” is defined as having high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence compared to the rest of the category, in four categories:

  • High Performer for Continuous Management | Summer 2022
  • High Performer for Continuous Delivery | Summer 2022
  • High Performer for Configuration Integration | Summer 2022
  • High Performer for Build Automation | Summer 2022

Opsera was also recognized as “Easiest To Do Business With” this Summer 2022. 

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is valued here at Opsera. Our customer feedback has helped us improve our software orchestration platform and has assisted us in making ambitious decisions within the company. Take a look at some of our best reviews: 

  • “ Opsera has the best features to compose customized pipelines with the help of its workflow builder comfortably. It simply promotes gestures such as drag & drop, cloning of pipeline, reusing a portion from the script, and orchestration of pipeline templates. We can add multiple stages to our pipeline for implementing our application builds, unit testing cases, approval hierarchy gates, and platform deployments in our AWS environments. ” 
  • “ We can do our activities whenever we can and easy to search, retrieve and deploy. After failure deployment, logs are very helpful to know the cause for failure. ” 
  • “ Opsera provides great integration for the CI/CD pipeline in a declarative format. This allows engineers and product owners who are not coders to construct useful interpretations of which tests they need and when. ”

Reviews collected by and hosted on G2.com.

We empower developers to concentrate on highly modern software delivery. Providing your choice of toolchain framework and insights to help solve problems quickly. Aim to deliver the best features for your customers, and we will handle the rest! 

Our Ratings

Highest-Rated Features

As we continue to grow, we have maintained three Highest-Rated Features for DevOps Platforms: 

  • Highest-rated for Integrations | 3% above average
  • Highest-rated for Orchestration | 3% above average
  • Highest-rated for Workflow Visualization | 1% above average

Satisfaction Ratings: 

Our customers come first! At Opsera, it is important to us that our customers receive the satisfaction and support they deserve. Take a look at our satisfaction ratings: 

It is safe to say… users love us! We are honored to share that after collecting multiple reviews, we’ve earned an average rating of 4.0 stars!

From a startup company, the external feedback we receive is worthwhile. Opsera has shaped and grown from the positive evaluations we take on, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

We want to say thank you! These trophies are a positive reminder to our team and push us to keep evolving as a company and individuals. To continue, we aim to keep advancing our product to offer not only quality but satisfaction for you. 

If you’re looking for a DevOps automation platform that can help you achieve continuous management, continuous delivery, configuration integration, configuration management, build automation, and DevOps platform success, look no further than Opsera.

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