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Introducing Opsera - Continuous Orchestration for Next-Gen DevOps

Chandra & Kumar
Chandra & Kumar
Published on
March 1, 2023

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After months of hard work and the support of an outstanding team, we are excited to announce the launch of Opsera. We have developed what we feel is the future of DevOps with a continuous orchestration platform. Like many innovators before us, we saw an opportunity to address software industry shortcomings with a new approach.  We saw a huge gap in the DevOps market - too many tools and no simple ways to connect them. You could either spend excessive time and effort manually integrating various tools together or lock-in with a single vendor and be limited by their choices. Faced with these options, we set out to combine choice of any CI/CD tools with no-code automation in a single easy -to-use DevOps orchestration platform.

Backed by Clear Ventures, Trinity Ventures and Firebolt Ventures, and validated by industry experts across different industries, we founded Opsera in January 2020.

The Genesis

The idea that eventually became Opsera was based on our experiences at Adobe, Symantec and Uber. At Adobe, we saw those first pushes into the cloud, and the challenges associated with multiple cloud tenancies, varied toolsets and duplication, and there had to be a smarter way. At Symantec, as part of a ground up private cloud build out and expansion to a multi-cloud, we consolidated several platforms and re-engineered hundreds of applications to become cloud native.  We created a common DevOps tenancy to streamline, automate tools in a federated model without impacting choice and control for developers .  This effort increased software release velocity, reduced cost and complexity and improved governance and was the genesis of our idea for Opsera. This was further validated even in a next-gen company like Uber where automation and platformization of services to be leveraged across teams and use cases was the norm.

The Current State of DevOps

The current trends in the DevOps space are major drivers for the need and value of Opsera. Cloud adoption is increasing and the cloud services available are evolving. Serverless, containers, microservices, it’s all changing and the tools to manage and develop for these technologies are shifting.  To maintain competitive advantage, it is important to have continuous on-demand software releases as opposed to planned, scheduled and versioned releases. There is also an increased focus in the shift left of security and quality, and demand for unified insights across the software delivery life cycle. 

Developers want to deliver software and release cool features fast but cannot get tools and pipelines provisioned in a timely manner.   They are also slowed down by manual security and quality checks and approval gates.   On the other hand DevOps engineers want to build automation but are constrained by demands of both choice and control from developers, while having to ensure operationally secure and scalable solutions. And management needs insights to ensure proper governance and optimize cost, complexity and risk while increasing efficiencies and productivity. 

There are two main approaches being followed today, both of which have significant limitations.  The first is to adopt best of breed solutions and make them all work together. The orchestration and integration of these various DevOps tools and pipelines to ensure speed, security and visibility, are very complex, error prone and time consuming. The other option is to go with a single DevOps vendor approach, however there is no single vendor who can deliver both broad and deep CI/CD functionality well for everyone. This approach is constrained by lack of choice and flexibility, causes vendor lock in and stifles developer innovation. 

Lack of platforms that address both choice and automation, has made it hard for companies to deliver software in a fast, secure and cost effective manner.

Opsera: Continuous Orchestration for Next Gen DevOps


With Opsera, we have built an orchestration platform to reimagine your DevOps. We share a vision for the future of software delivery - to empower Software and DevOps engineers to deliver software faster, safer and smarter with a continuous orchestration platform that enables choice of any CI/CD tools and  no-code automation.

By orchestrating tools, pipelines and insights through a single platform, Opsera speeds time to deployment, helps optimize resources and provides a holistic cross-functional perspective with KPIs that better correlate technical performance with business outcomes. 


Opsera provides the following key features and capabilities as part of its continuous orchestration platform:

  • Toolchain Automation: You pick the tools you want from a self service catalog of best of breed tools, and automate any toolchain via Opsera’s one click deployment. Eliminate manual scripts and save time with pre-built connectors, native APIs, easy life cycle management and automated governance.

  • Declarative Pipelines: Build no-code pipelines easily using drag-n-drop workflows, with quality and security gates in-built. You get out of the box integrations and pipeline visibility across all the CI/CD stages, for various use cases including Software engineering, SaaS release automation (Salesforce, ServiceNow) and infrastructure-as-a-code pipelines.

  • Unified Insights and Logs: The platform provides comprehensive and unified value stream metrics across your entire CI/CD ecosystem. Aggregated and contextualized logs and build blueprints for faster resolution and improved auditing and compliance. Intelligent and personalized dashboards with more than 85 KPI’s in 6 different dimensions (planning, development, security, quality, operations and source code), so you can make smarter decisions.


With Opsera, Development teams can maximize release velocity while using the tools they want, Operations teams gain improved efficiency while reducing risk, and business leaders get unparalleled visibility. Opsera believes DevOps has transformed from an aspiration to a practical science, and its platform is purpose-built to help organizations accelerate DevOps adoption and reach peak innovation velocity.

Opsera is a business imperative that makes increasingly complex multi-cloud, container and microservice environments an asset that works. We built Opsera with the goal to democratize DevOps by integrating tool choice and no-code automation, so that software delivery can be made  fast, easy and secure – as it should be!

Thank you and looking forward to working with you

Providing end-to-end orchestration, with security, quality, speed and visibility, is not a simple task, but we're proud to have made a great start with this first chapter of our journey. We have great early enterprise customers and innovation that we will share with you as we grow and mature.

Launching a new company with a new approach for high-performance DevOps is today's story. All of us at Opsera couldn't be more excited and proud to see our company go live. We look forward to sharing more about Opsera with you, answering your questions and hearing your feedback. Meanwhile, check out this short video about how Opsera works.

Contact us for a short demo and see for yourself how Opsera can work with your existing DevOps tools to help you ship faster, safer and in a cost-effective way.

Onward and upward! 

- Chandra and Kumar

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