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Opsera Earns G2 Recognition in Four Software Development Categories for Summer 2023

Published on
June 28, 2023

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High Performing Categories

Our Ratings for Summer 2023

Customer Evaluations

We are proud to announce that Opsera has been awarded with multiple G2 badges for Summer 2023. This further cements our dedication towards building an innovative DevOps platform for today’s top organizations. At Opsera, we extend gratitude to our valued customers for their trust and support, as well as to the G2 community for recognizing our achievements in the field of configuration management, build automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. 

High Performing Categories 

Opsera was recognized as a G2  “high performer” for Summer 2023. A "high performer" is characterized as a business that has achieved high customer satisfaction ratings and has a relatively low market presence compared to others in their category. This recognition was awarded to Opsera in four categories:

  • High Performer for Build Automation | Summer 2023
  • High Performer for Configuration Management | Summer 2023
  • High Performer for Configuration Integration | Summer 2023
  • High Performer for Continuous Delivery | Summer 2023

Opsera was also recognized as “Easiest To Do Business With'' in the Summer 2023 report. This accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without communication and collaboration with our incredible go-to-market team and our growing list of customers. 

Our Ratings for Summer 2023

Our Highest Rated features

This past year, we maintained three Highest-Rated Features for DevOps Platforms: 

  • Highest-rated for Integration | 4% Above Average
  • Highest-rated for Orchestration | 3% Above Average
  • Highest-rated for Automation | 1% Above Average

Satisfaction Ratings

Here at Opsera, we provide our customers with the satisfaction, support, and the visibility within their software delivery processes to make more informed data-driven business decisions.

Customer Evaluations 

At Opsera, we strive to keep our customers delighted and supported from implementation to renewal. Our platform enables today’s top business leaders to achieve faster release cycles, maintain and improve quality, and increase efficiency within their software development processes.

  • “Opsera provides all the well-established tools for CI/CD at a particular place and provides an efficient way of connecting them and integrating them with your business. Also it provides 100+ KPI for monitoring the performance of the system and teams and offers key insights about the system's behaviour. It was immensely helpful in integrating into the ecosystem and leveraging the power of Opsera. It is very flexible and can easily integrate into different organization.”
  • “…Opsera DevOps continuous orchestration delivers easy automation of release management across enterprise applications. Comprehensive visibility from the platform helped us decommission legacy release management tools helping reduce the Opex…”
  • “Efficiency has been improved and increased with the addition of more new platforms. CI/CD platform has better advantages compared to other competitive platforms and solutions.It provides self-service toolchain automation along with drag and drop declarative pipelines with better interface.”

Reviews collected by and hosted on G2.com.

As a unified DevOps company, we strive to deliver high-quality processes to enhance the productivity of developers contributing to the new era of operations. From handling complex deployments to ensuring a healthy software delivery lifecycle, Opsera is here and ready to assist.

Opsera is the preferred DevOps platform for organizations looking to achieve continuous management, continuous delivery, configuration integration, configuration management, build automation, Salesforce DevOps, Unified Insights, security, and overall DevOps platform success. Contact us today to learn how our platform can streamline your processes and improve your software delivery and software development efficiency. 

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