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Opsera Offers AWS Native Integrations: Streamline and Automate Your Software Delivery Faster

Vishnu Vasudevan
Vishnu Vasudevan
Published on
March 1, 2023

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In the last two years, more enterprises have shifted to the cloud and adopted DevOps as a part of their transition. This is led by the fact that companies need to accelerate releases, maintain security - all while keeping up with dynamic customer demands. 

The challenges with DevOps adoption are primarily adopting the “shift to left” mindset, need for increased automation, and baking in security, lack of visibility and governance. As more companies adopt DevOps, we want to make sure Opsera meets customers’ needs. 

So today, we’re excited to announce that we have partnered with AWS to streamline and automate software delivery management across containers, virtual machines, serverless, and Kubernetes. With native AWS integrations, enterprises can use Opsera to accelerate their move to the cloud while managing their software delivery in a unified platform. 

“It’s important that we integrate seamlessly with our customers' existing ecosystems, and AWS integrations from Opsera’s Orchestration platform make it easier for them to manage their end-to-end software delivery management with security and quality. Customers can now innovate and release faster, and more efficiently.”

       - Kumar Chivukula, Co-founder & CTO Opsera

Starting today, Opsera is available in the AWS marketplace. Our seamless integration with AWS services enables AWS customers to quickly leverage Opsera’s no-code declarative pipelines and orchestration platform to deploy workloads on AWS. 

Rather than spending time on tedious redundant processes, the Opsera integration will allow enterprises to focus on building quality and secure applications for their customers thereby reducing time to deploy and increasing customer satisfaction.

Key differentiators include Opsera’s native integrations for AWS services like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk, teams can adopt AWS services easier and faster. This will allow Opsera customers to quickly create templates and deploy to AWS containers using immutable infrastructure and dedicated AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) roles.

Additionally, with Opsera’s support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon ECR, and AWS IAM, users will be able to store artifacts, passwords, secrets, and tokens in a secret vault with just a single click.

“With Opsera now available in AWS Marketplace, customers will be able to leverage their existing AWS relationship to speed up the finance, legal, and procurement process and consolidate payments on a single AWS monthly bill.” 

          - Ryan Cartwright, Director of Sales at Opsera

Key feature of the Opsera AWS Integration

No-code Integration With AWS Compute Services

Using the drag-n-drop workflow builder, you can design and configure CI/CD pipelines and deploy applications to Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate. 

Opsera’s no-code orchestration platform is an all-in-one platform that provides full lifecycle management, configuration, security checks, deployment, and compliance. This helps enterprises focus on building business value, reducing the tedious work they’d otherwise invest in.

  • Choose any tool for your toolchain and automate provisioning and maintenance with no coding involved
  • Replace lengthy pipeline building activities with pre-designed, configurable, reusable pipeline templates and save time
  • Get visibility and governance across your delivery life cycle

To learn more about declarative pipelines, check out https://www.opsera.io/platform/declarative-pipelines

Automated Security and Quality Gates

With declarative pipelines, teams can use automated triggers such as event-based, time scheduled, or manual ones to execute your pipelines. Customers across the software industry have shared that one of the major concerns with DevOps has always been the lack of focus on security and quality, more so with increasing release speed. Using Opsera’s security and quality gates, triggers, thresholds, and alerts, teams can define security and quality scans. 

  • Avoid manual errors by relying on intelligent, automated security and quality gates built-in Opsera’s dashboard. 
  • Set up granular alerts for each step in your pipeline to alert specific Slack channels through execution. 
  • Secure your tools, integrations, logs, data, and configurations in a customer-dedicated data plane. 
  • Meet compliance requirements and reduce the number of failed deployments based on custom policies you create.

360-degree Visibility Across All Your Software and IaC Pipelines

Bring users from across the organization together in a reliable, secure, central place where you can rely on an enterprise-grade solution to offer you radical transparency. Stay in sync with your team and get complete visibility of your software development workflows and IaC pipelines. 

  • Gain insights and access 100+ KPIs across your entire SDLC to get the big picture across your pipelines, security, and operations. 
  • Contextualized logs help you diagnose any failures across your CI/CD pipeline including lead time, change failure rate, deployment frequency, and time to restore. 
  • Generate automated reports for auditory and compliance purposes.

To learn more about Unified Insights, visit https://www.opsera.io/platform/unified-insights.

“We are proud to be a part of the AWS Global Startup Program and to work with AWS to bring customers these critical native integrations.”

         - Kumar Chivukula, Co-founder & CTO Opsera

At Opsera, we’re always working hard on updates that make it easier for our customers to make the transition to DevOps and ensure streamlined, secure, and reliable CI/CD pipelines. We will continue supporting our customers by building even more seamless experiences that enable them to use the best-in-class tools without having to worry about development, security, or compliance issues.

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