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Scaling with DevOps, a Continuous Process

Vishnu Vasudevan
Vishnu Vasudevan
Published on
March 1, 2023

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When we peer into the world of business and look at how far we have come, there is often wonder on why certain trends become the major influences and others just do not gain traction on the track to success. Scaling has been an ideal model for many years in the business world and has made many leading changes in how we model our business success as a whole. With the newfound solution to business culture, we have been blessed with the abilities DevOps can provide to us. It’s inclusionary and holistic approaches have revolutionized many business models and sky-rocketed the delivery rates to a new level. 

Is it possible for Scaling and DevOps to meet together in a perfect harmony of continuous success, where professionals and their business environment can flow in perfect harmony? We believe that it can!

The following introductory tutorial has been constructed with the expertise and poise of DevOps Professionals, and the like, through a Live Crowd Chat discussion held by none other than the Capital Carbon Consulting Team in their Canada DevOps Community of Practice Events. Written by Christine Dyack. 

This paper will not only provide you with insight into the present, but it will also encourage you to rearrange the future planning for your business successes. Is it possible for Scaling and DevOps to meet together in a perfect harmony of continuous success? Our experts believe it can! 

Before one can dive into the world of DevOps, we must first understand the purpose and focus DevOps can provide. As Garima Bajpai (@bajpaigarima1) exclaimed, “DevOps is a collective journey towards the evolution of software practices.”

With the added description from Vishnu Vasudevan, Opsera Head of Product Managemnt (@vishnube) “It's a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, process governance, automation, tools that increase the ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity with better software then, at the same time, empower the development and operations teams.” DevOps recognizes every aspect of a business and solidifies all the connections between them, creating the technological glue that supports the structure of success.

Since DevOps is the communication glue that helps hold the pieces of a business together, then when should Scaling come into play in order to improve the success rate of continuous deliveries? Vishnu Vasudevan (@vishnube) said it best when he pointed out, “There is no such thing as the right time. Optimization is a continuous process and scaling is done via feedback loops within the organization on what is working and what is not. When there is continuous feedback scaling becomes organic.” Peter Maddison (@pgmaddison) added, “Start small and use those initial wins to drive communication across the organization. It is not just an "IT" change... 

Nothing can ever be perfect right off the bat, there must be trials and errors that we first must experience in order to improve and customize DevOps as a whole.

Scaling DevOps Happens when there is potential for it to pay off!

As the Live Crowd Chat came to an end, the importance of creating and following our North Star to the business vision of continuous success reminds us of the very important words Garima Bajpai (@bajpaigarima1) proclaimed, “From Scaling DevOps to DevOps at Scale, (we must remember to focus on) ... rapid, decentralized, flexible, grass roots.” That there is a very important process involved from Scaling DevOps to DevOps at Scale, and the best way to successfully attain this transformation is to follow our North Star, which will lead us to victory and continuous acceptance in our business evolution. With that in mind, we must also take into consideration and make valuable of our Business Culture needs, the Tools that we are able to integrate and utilize, taking advantage of the amazing attributes Automation can supply, and last but certainly not at all the least, the high significance and impertinence of Communication and Collaboration to solidify the pedagogy of Scaling DevOps. 
Canada DevOps Community of Practice Events original post: http://bit.ly/DevOpssummit2020


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