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Announcing The New Opsera Brand

Omed Habib
Omed Habib
Published on
March 1, 2023

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At Opsera, we're revolutionizing software delivery. Opsera was founded in 2020 by Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula. Both were tackling DevOps automation challenges at Uber and Symantec and shared a vision for a platform that can change the way organizations can accelerate peak software velocity.

One of the most exciting parts of launching a company is the branding process. A common misconception about the word brand is that it refers to a company's logo. While a logo is part of a brand, a brand is more than the logo. Nonetheless, we recently redesigned our company logo and I'm really excited to share with you all our new logo and the process we went through to get here. 

Continuity of Experience

I once was told that a brand is "what people say about you when you're not in the room." Essentially, this comes down to how you communicate to the world who you are, what you stand for, your values, beliefs, and practices. 

There is so much about a company that manifests into the brand that it portrays. The experience that you offer to your customers is part of your brand — and so is the consistency that a customer experiences with your services. 

Apple is one of the few companies that has probably perfected the art of this continuity of experience. There is complete alignment in the user experience between:

  • the advertising 
  • website 
  • retail stores
  • purchasing 
  • unboxing
  • and the most important: using the product

This is a gold standard that we're striving for here at Opsera. This is more than a rebrand; it’s a culture and philosophy. A small step towards this is our new logo redesign! 

Capturing An Idea

We reviewed over 400+ different conceptual approaches to our logo with some extremely talented designers.

We wanted a logo that encapsulates our values, our practices, our culture. We also wanted to capture our philosophy of being bold, visionary, and modern. This is how we perceive the value that Opsera brings to our customers, and this is the image that we want our customers to have of us. We had some fantastic options to choose from!

The creativity on how abstract a logo can get is infinite, not to mention fun. But, we wanted more of an… idea. An idea that encapsulates the essence of what Opsera does for our customers, including:

  • flexibility
  • agility 
  • deliberate
  • fast
  • beautiful

What is beauty? It's essentially anything done really, really well. Art, music, technology: we're surrounded by it. Even software can be beautiful. Out of our conversations' depths surfaced an animal that encapsulates everything we were trying to communicate: the Hummingbird.

The New Opsera

Without further ado, I'm pleased to introduce to you the new Opsera!

Our hummingbird represents speed, intelligence, and flexibility. The flight pattern of a hummingbird is intentionally deliberate, exceptionally swift, and gracefully beautiful. It's these elements that inspired the foundations for the Opsera platform. The hummingbird reflects our belief that we can — and will — take DevOps to greater heights

The semi-infinity symbol represents a modern approach to the traditional software development lifecycle.

The three lines in the E represent pipelines in a new age of Continuous Delivery and DevOps methodologies.

Our Brand Ethos

At Opsera, we share a vision for the future of software delivery. We believe that DevOps has transformed from an aspiration to now a practical science. We built our platform to help organizations accelerate their DevOps adoption and reach peak innovation velocity.

Our brand represents the values and philosophy that helped inspire the foundations of our Opsera platform.

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