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Top Platform Engineer, DevOps, and Software Leadership Challenges at AWS re:Invent 2023

Cost is the Reality - Innovation is the Dream. Both Are Crucial.
Anna Daugherty
Anna Daugherty
Published on
December 1, 2023

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AWS re:Invent is massive. Dare I say overwhelming?

The event attracts people from all over the world who are interested in learning about the latest AWS products and services, the latest in cloud innovation, and to see new solutions in action.

Because of this diverse crowd, if you take the time to talk with attendees you can learn a lot, especially from people across different regions, roles, and organizational maturity.

Here are some of my top learnings about what is on the minds of attendees from my first-ever AWS re-Invent! 🎉

Leadership (CTOs, CIOs, VPs)

  • Cost Savings
  • Revenue Generation
  • AI and ML
  • Stability, and Speed
  • Security
  • Increased Productivity

Platform Engineers 

  • Tool Sprawl
  • Visibility
  • Developer Experience
  • Consistency
  • Integrated Security
  • Self-Service Dev Enablement

Software Developers

  • Improved Tool Management
  • Developer Experience 
  • DevOps Simplicity
  • Using new capabilities like Copilot

Cost is The Reality.

Reducing software costs is one everyones’ mind; organizations want to free up money that can be used to fund growth initiatives, expanding into new markets, or beating competitors. Developers and Platform Engineers want to show cost savings to leadership to prevent the dreaded layoff. 

Innovation is The Dream.

An organization cannot budget-trim their way into the lead. They need to invest resources, time, and effort into it. That means from leadership all the way to individual developers, enablement is key; enable builders to do their best, most creative problem-solving, not just babysitting tools and infrastructure. 

DevOps is Evolving to Enable Both.

That's why DevOps is evolving: promoting cost-savings and increased performance, while also enabling better developer experience, improved productivity, and unlocking your organization's innovation potential.

AI is Everywhere (and Nowhere).

With the meteoric rise of AI and incredible solutions like Github Copilot, nearly all leadership, engineers, and development teams are feeling the crunch to take advantage of the latest, but aren't always set-up to practically do so. 

These types of learning opportunities are once-in-a-lifetime. And we're using all of them to make the Opsera Unified DevOps Platform even stronger.

We’ve teamed up with AWS and Workday on our upcoming webinar, How Workday Improved their Security Posture with Opsera Unified DevOps Platform. Register now.

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