City of Hope Uses Opsera To Build DevOps Pipelines 80% Faster

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About City of Hope

City of Hope is a nationally-recognized cancer center that has been providing outstanding care to patients for more than 100 years. As a tireless advocate for research, its mission is to transform the future of healthcare by turning science into a practical benefit, hope into reality. They accomplish this by providing outstanding care, conducting innovative research, and offering vital education programs focused on eliminating cancer.

The Challenge

City of Hope is not a software company, however, there’s a huge amount of data being created around the treatments and outcomes to be analyzed. As such, City of Hope needed to develop custom software applications to provide ongoing and timely analysis of data in their precision medicine data and systems division.

Their previous software development process was time consuming and manual. As part of the transformation process, City of Hope’s goal was to create a new software development process from scratch. They were looking to standardize their SDLC process with security and quality gates.

Opsera addressed all of the process issues that people needed to solve -- a proper DevOps pipeline that can be created and managed by the current IT staff. They did not want to be required to hire outside DevOps engineers or consultants to script and maintain the pipelines. City of Hope wanted to adopt a no-code platform to help them accelerate their software delivery. Opsera enabled them to achieve both objectives.

The Solution

With Opsera, City of Hope was able to select the tools from the tool chain automation catalog and integrate with existing tools using tools like source code management, planning and collaboration tools. Also, using no-code pipelines, the City of Hope DevOps team built the pipelines with quality and security gates (SAST, Vault, Unit testing) to automate the end-to-end software delivery management.

Instead of using multiple point solutions and dashboards, City of Hope leveraged Opsera unified insights and built intelligent dashboards with key KPIs to track the maturity by release, product and persona.

Opsera unified insights is enabling the City of Hope team to look at the metrics and KPIs by various stages and categories and helping them improve the overall maturity of the software delivery management.

Having all of the DevOps tools, pipelines, and insights in one platform provides huge time savings for everyone involved in the software development process. If something goes wrong, the platform provides insights into what went wrong so the team can fix those issues quickly. It’s simpler to use for everyone involved in the SDLC process.

The technical leads on the City of Hope team were able to work with Opsera to build everything they needed for their DevOps pipeline without hiring any additional DevOps engineers. Now, the engineering team has more bandwidth to deliver innovative features to the customers instead of managing the day-to-day operations of the release process.

Results and Benefits

Opsera addressed all the process issues developers and engineers want to solve. Opsera has an end-to-end capability from check-in to deployment. It works across containers, microservices, multi-cloud, and multi-SaaS environments. Opsera has native integrations with Vault, this enables City of Hope to store sensitive information in an encrypted format and fetch them in a programmatic and secure way. Those are the type of thoughtful add-ons that improve productivity, save time, and let your development team know you care about them. Opsera removes the administrative burden from developers so they can focus on what they’re really good at -- developing software.

In summary, the three key takeaways are,

- Ease of use for everyone on the IT team -- everyone contributes, everyone is productive, there’s great agility, and cross-team functionality – increases developer productivity by 25%.

- Productivity gains with the ability to build a holistic and integrated DevOps pipeline in 30 minutes versus 2.5 hours -- an 80% increase in productivity.

- Opsera’s standard practice with built in quality and security gates gets the initial pipeline up, running, and providing value in just two months.


Private, not-for-profit clinical research center, hospital and graduate medical school


City of Hope

Products Used

Opsera No-Code DevOps Orchestration Platform


Increase in developer productivity


Increase in release velocity


Time to value with built-in security and quality gates

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