Opsera, a Flosum alternative that helps you release faster even in complex environments

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G2 High Performer - Enterprise - Spring 2024

Build Automation

G2 High Performer - Enterprise - Spring 2024

Configuration Integration

G2 High Performer - Enterprise - Spring 2024

Continuous Delivery

Opsera takes the pain out of merge conflicts and synchronizing your Salesforce orgs. Automate repetitive tasks using plug-n-play integrations with the DevOps tools you prefer. (like Selenium, Provar, Sonarqube, etc)

Release quicker while improving security, quality, and compliance. With integrations to IT Service Management and collaboration tools, Opsera gives you repeatable processes and audit trails that will make your IT team happy.

Unify your logs and see tools/pipeline metadata from all your tools in one place. Opsera eliminates manual reporting, with complete visibility across your development lifecycle and automatically-generated KPIs.

Releases that fit your needs


Works best when you follow their prescribed methodology for planning features, managing branches, and syncing orgs.


Opsera provides you with a flexible toolbox of DevOps capabilities, customizable pipelines and processes that let your team continue with processes you use today while being ready for the ones you create in the future.


Uses APIs and web hooks to integrate with a limited set of tools that you manage independently from Flosum itself. You are responsible for maintaining, updating, and running those tools.


No need to write glue code with managed out-of-the-box integrations that make it easier to use tools like Selenium, Sonarqube, and PMD. Opsera takes the pain out of using these tools by standing up instances and scaling them when the pipeline is run and shutting down the containers when not in use.


Built on Salesforce for Salesforce only and is unable to manage DevOps and release management for other applications.


Opsera’s platform scales DevOps and release management processes for any development environment such as SAP, Snowflake, Apigee, Boomi, Informatics, AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Providing you with a single DevOps solution for your business


Flosum requires you to pay for users, meaning infrequent users, like the Product Manager who needs to login once a month, are costing you money


With Opsera pay for the pipelines themselves. Not only will this save you money, this helps speed up adoption by making it easier for everyone who needs to be involved get access to the tools and reporting without worrying about seats or costs

One Platform, all the apps

SAP Hybris
Adobe Experience Cloud
Salesforce Apex
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Opsera works smoothly with major multi-cloud environments

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
"As improved automation and orchestration becomes imperative for Next-Gen DevOps, Opsera provides an innovative solution to enable the faster deployment, better software, and increased visibility, all with fewer resources"
Patricia Hatter, CCO, Palo Alto Networks
"Opsera DevOps continuous orchestration delivers easy automation of release management across the enterprise applications. Comprehensive visibility from the platform helped us decommission legacy release management tools helping reduce the Opex."
Dayakar Duwuru, Sr. Director of Enterpris applications, NortonLifeLock
So much effort is spent by engineering organizations in building manual scripts and toolchain automation. Opsera team is realizing the vision of the future — democratizing devops with a continuous orchestration and fully automated CI/CD platform without any vendor lockin. Opsera's also provides a common framework to support release automation across multiple use cases including SDLC, Infrastructure as code and SaaS applications.
Shreesha, GM, Medallia

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