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Argo CD
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Continuous Deployment
Argo CD

Argo CD

Argo CD extends the benefits of declarative specifications and Git-based configuration management to accelerate deployment and lifecycle management of applications without compromising security and compliance.

Connect Argo-CD with Opsera to enhance your Argo CD configuration and deployment of containers.

About Argo-CD

Argo CD is a declarative GitOps tool for Kubernetes. It facilitates declarative and version controlled application deployments, provides automation and traceability via GitOps workflow, and supports application declarations.

How Opsera Can Power Argo CD

  • Deploy containers across all public clouds running on Kubernetes.
  • Get support for Canary and rolling deployments. 
  • Accelerate your Argo CD configuration by leveraging Opsera’s UI

Benefits of Opsera X Argo CD

Users can create Canary or rolling deployments for their cloud deployments seamlessly with zero coding and also set up roll back and Argo sync up. This integration of Opsera and Argo CD significantly reduces the learning curve, making it easier for developers to quickly configure and accelerate Argo CD.