Detect & Protect Secrets
Across Your Source Code Repos
Prevent  Sensitive Data Leakage

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Discover Sensitive Data & Secrets

Identify sensitive data and potential risks exposed on Git by scanning all repos and ensure sensitive info aren’t accidentally exposed. Catch your secrets before someone else does!

Act timely on Vulnerabilities

Export any discovered vulnerability in a CSV format, and keep your developers & security teams in the loop. Detect and monitor the vulnerabilities  until they are mitigated.

Why is GitCustodian the best secret scanning tool for you?

Simple and Easy to Install in 3 Steps

Hassle free sign up & set up with existing Git creds!

Launch Scan in a Single Click

Launch scan results with a single click by choosing the Git repositories name.

Intuitive Advanced Filters

Don’t get lost with extensive data. Filter scan results with complex criteria to retrieve specific vulnerabilities.

Visualize Data with Focused Insights

Chart based Insights displays the extent of violations discovered. Assess insights to achieve better security health.