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DevOps Huddle

Episode 15: Achieve DevSecOps Excellence with Opsera GitCustodian: Safeguard Your Software Supply Chain

February 15, 2024
9:00 am

Organizations lose $8.5 billion dollars annually on poor secrets management.

With over 65% of IT and DevOps employees estimating their companies have more than 500 secrets and the average cost of a secret leak reaching $1.2 million, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize strong secrets management practices to avoid costly data breaches. Just in 2023, there have been a reported 8,214,886,660 data breaches. 

Join our next DevOps Huddle, Episode 15, Achieve DevSecOps Excellence with Opsera GitCustodian: Safeguard Your Software Supply Chain, where we’ll dive into how organizations have been securing their software delivery pipeline. 

In our DevOps Huddle we’ll cover how to: 

  • Enhance the Security of Your Source Code: Protect your valuable source code from potential leaks of sensitive information. Swiftly scan your repositories and obtain a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities, secrets, and artifacts.
  • Strengthen the Security of Your Pipelines: Gain the capability to effectively identify, address, and validate vulnerabilities within your development pipelines. Automate workflows to detect and remediate security issues, while securely storing keys and secrets in a dedicated vault and ensure compliance with governance frameworks.
  • Evaluate Security Effectiveness and Compliance: Empower your InfoSec teams with a central interface to monitor and manage incidents across the organization. Developers can access a localized view to enhance incident management. Utilize advanced techniques such as regular expressions and high entropy checks to reduce false positives and improve security incident management.

Learn more about how you can build resilient and secure software, automate compliance, and foster a culture of security by design by signing up today for our huddle. Register now!


Ed Slatt
Sales Engineer
Sarab Khurana
Solutions Engineer
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