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DevOps Huddle

Episode 16: Source Code Migration Made Easy: How to Migrate to GitHub (without the Mess)

March 14, 2024
9:00 am

Atlassian has ended its support for products like Bitbucket Server. 

That means that Server products and apps no longer receive technical support, security updates, and bug fixes for vulnerabilities.

Organizations are left with few options on how to proceed: 

  • Manual and in-house efforts are time-consuming and error prone, often with little visibility into the process or results
  • Other solutions including GitHub’s Enterprise Importer utility are slow, taking hours to import a handful of repos at a time

Enterprises with hundreds or thousands of repos are facing expensive migration work and wasting developer time when they could be focusing on driving innovation

In this DevOps Huddle, we’ll discuss a new solution that enterprises can employ to help migrate faster, securely, and with greater visibility. 

Join our DevOps Huddle where we’ll cover: 

  • How to efficiently migrate repos/branches/webhooks, PR, history
  • Migrate from on-prem to cloud significantly faster with end to end automation
  • Get access to analysis reporting that  gives  the summary of repos file type,size, kind, etc to prevent failures
  • Seamless migration of Bitbucket, Gitlab and other SCM tools to GitHub in an accelerated fashion
  • Improve the Developer productivity, Security and Quality posture using Opsera Unified Insights
  • System Driven maturity to identify gaps, inefficiencies, bottlenecks across teams 

Learn more about how Opsera provides faster migration with end-to-end automation, audit trails, analysis, reports and ability to track changes across multiple migration tasks across SCM and Pipelines by signing up today for our huddle. Register now! 


Ed Slatt
Sales Engineer
Sarab Khurana
Solutions Engineer
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