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DevOps Huddle

Episode 10: Unified insights - The holy grail of DevOps intelligence

July 26, 2022
10:00 am

Businesses often struggle to connect the dots between the data they generate from disparate corners (AI Ops, Artifact management, bug tracking, release management, testing, etc.) and miss out on where the issues arise in the SDLC. Without visibility into key information, you are leaving a lot of unrealized customer values on the table.

In this Huddle, we’ll learn how to troubleshoot faster, fix issues more proactively, mitigate risks and drive continuous improvements. Whether you are a developer, manager, or executive, the dashboard view will give you a snapshot of the DORA KPIs.

Connect all your tools in 30 minutes and get unified reports & dashboards:



Aruna Pattabiraman
Principal Data Architect
Tejas Bharadwaj
Data engineer
Vishnu Vasudevan
Head of Product Engineering & Management
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