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DevOps Huddle

Episode 4: Toolchain Automation and Standardization

April 22, 2021
10:00 am

Software teams are constantly charged with embracing new architectures and adopting new practices, leading to demands for new DevOps tools and integrations. Cloud native and hybrid architectures, microservices, and security & quality automation are increasing the complexity of DevOps toolchains, frequently taxing the teams responsible for deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Empowering developers with their choice of tools enables developer productivity and accelerates your release velocity.

How do the best teams handle this constant growth and change?

How do you provision, integrate and manage these tools? How do you manage governance and standardization?

Let's discuss

- What DevOps tools are necessary and why?

- How to provision, integrate and life cycle manage them with no code

- Find how to balance tool choice and innovation vs. standardization?

- Get governance & compliance across your toolchains

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Vishnu Vasudevan
Head of Product Engineering & Management
Shrey Malhotra
Data engineer
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