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DevOps Huddle

Episode 5: Troubleshoot Pipelines Faster: Unified Logs and Build Manifests

May 20, 2021
10:00 am

As new requirements constantly drive software teams to integrate new tools into their DevOps toolchains and pipelines, engineers need end-to-end observability, full-context logs, and metrics to quickly troubleshoot issues and restore services. Unfortunately, as too often happens with systems everywhere, observability updates often lag behind the changes, sometimes by months. 

How can software teams ensure their constant growth and change doesn’t adversely affect their ability to run and maintain reliable and secure CI/CD services?

- How can you collect contextualized data from all your tools in one place? What systems and processes make it easier?

- How can we make it most effective for troubleshooting? 

- What are “Build Blueprints”, and how can they help?

- How can all stakeholders see insights that matter to them across Development, Pipelines, Security, Quality and Operations?

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Lack of automation in the toolchain had a wide variety of ill effects. Here is how you can fix it


Vishnu Vasudevan
Head of Product Engineering & Management
Sundar Renganathan
Head of Product Engineering and Delivery
Tejas Bharadwaj
Data engineer
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