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Book a DevOps therapy session to vent about slow CI/CD pipelines and the lack of visibility across the Salesforce software development lifecycle. We promise to listen and introduce DevOps coping strategies.

Meet us at Booth #1604.

Book your DevOps venting session at Booth #1604

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60-75% improvement of security posture
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Enterprise DevOps Strategy with Mohit Nadkarni of Infoblox

Join Mohit Nadkarni, Vice President at Infoblox, and Kumar Chivukula from Opsera, in an engaging 20-minute discussion at Dreamforce. Explore the world of Enterprise DevOps Strategy as they delve into the power of a platform-driven approach for seamless CI/CD pipeline automation and application development lifecycle management across diverse domains including CRM (Salesforce), Financial applications (Oracle Fusion), Integration platforms, Data Services, ITSM, AWS workloads, and more.

Discover how the Opsera Unified DevOps platform helped Infoblox team to enhance the overall productivity by an impressive 50% but have also made significant strides in fortifying security and elevating quality posture by approximately 40-50% by offering end-to-end visibility within the DevOps ecosystem.

This session promises valuable insights for industry leaders, as both Mohit and Kumar will distill their extensive experience into actionable advice. Join us to uncover practical approaches that can drive your organization towards efficient, secure, and high-quality DevOps practices in today's dynamic landscape.

09/13/23, 04:30 PM ,
Theater Three (Campground, Moscone South)

About Opsera

Opsera’s DevOps platform provides self-service toolchain automation, drag-and-drop CI/CD pipelines, and end-to-end visibility. With Opsera, development teams can use the tools they want, operations teams gain improved efficiency, and business leaders have unparalleled visibility.

Opsera believes DevOps has transformed from an aspiration to a practical science, and its platform is purpose-built to help organizations accelerate DevOps adoption, software delivery and reach peak innovation velocity.

Opsera has more than 100 integrations with existing DevOps tools.