DORA Report: The Blueprint for Software Delivery Excellence

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Gain an in-depth understanding of DevOps practices and capabilities that drive performance.

The new DORA report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date study of software delivery performance in the world.

Data from 32,000+ professionals

During the research, the team collected data from over 32,000 professionals worldwide and analyzed it to gain an in-depth understanding of DevOps practices and capabilities that drive performance.

The 4 key metrics that drive performance

The team identified four key metrics, namely Deployment Frequency (DF), Lead Time for Changes (LT), Mean Time to Restore (MTTR), and Change Failure Rate (CFR), that serve as a guide to measure the performance of the software development team.

More than 7 years of DevOps research

The DORA team has conducted research for seven years to identify the key metrics that precisely indicate the performance of the DevOps initiative.

Download the new DORA report today and start improving your software delivery performance tomorrow.

This report is packed with insights that will help you:

Identify the key factors that contribute to high-performance software delivery and understand the challenges that teams face and how to overcome them

Benchmark your team's performance against the best in the world and develop a plan to improve your team's software delivery performance


"Our global business diversity and growth adds up to highly distributed engineering teams, complex processes and compliance challenges. Efficient delivery of new features and process standardization is tough. Opsera’s vision for CI/CD enablement and compliance has powerful applications at Uber."

Ben Booth
Ben Booth
Ben Booth, Engineering Leader, Uber

"Opsera’s approach of no code addition of security gates and thresholds into every stage of the pipelines by out of the box integration to a choice of security tools greatly improves the proactive security posture for software delivery. Unified real time security insights is very useful for security managers and adds to the value proposition."

Abhay Salpekar
Abhay Salpekar
Abhay Salpekar, Director of Engineering, Snowflake


"Opsera DevOps continuous orchestration delivers easy automation of release management across the enterprise applications. Comprehensive visibility from the platform helped us decommission legacy release management tools helping reduce the Opex."

Dayakar Duwuru
Dayakar Duwuru
Dayakar Duwuru, Sr. Director of Enterpris applications, NortonLifeLock

"With this automated solution, the productivity of our engineers improved by 25%. Now, I can see the development and quality metrics of individual contributors."

Kishore Gandham
Kishore Gandham
Founder & CEO KeyWest Networks

"We had built our own pipelines and tooling over a two year period... the Opsera team built the integration in two days. I feel like the holistic approach that the Opsera is taking to solve the Orchestrating problems is a key step in the evolution of DevOps."

Kevin Railsback
Kevin Railsback
Senior Director of Technical Operations, Reflektion

"Centralized automation and orchestration across the software delivery lifecycle are crucial to gain the velocity and visibility DevOps teams need to meet business goals. Opsera offers a no-code, intelligent DevOps solution that’s been missing from the marketplace."

Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson
Industry Evangelist, Value Stream Management

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