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With uncertainty in the industry and many budgets sliced in half, you’re facing some tough choices. 

Most engineering teams use dozens of tools, each one providing different metrics. The resulting flood of data makes it impossible to determine which tools and systems are critical to your success and which are inefficient and reductant.

However, the same is not true for a small, select group of high-performing engineering team leaders who have managed to cut their budget by seven figures and optimize their toolchain without sacrificing the quality of software delivery.

These high-achieving team leaders are working with fresh metrics and relevant insights, and they have maximum visibility over the performance of their teams, systems, and tools.

During this 30-min live session, you’ll see what tools are needed to obtain different metrics, how to connect them into a system, and how they impact your decision-making. We’ll show you how to get started today by using examples of DevOps tools found in any environment, such as Splunk, JIRA, ServiceNow, New Relic and others. 

This webinar is best for:

  • Managers and directors of software engineering teams
  • Managers and directors of DevOps

This session will cover:

  • An introduction to the most common software engineering metrics, KPIs, and how to gain visibility by using a DevOps platform.
  • How to benchmark the performance of your teams, tools and systems to decide who are leaders and who are laggards, with data that is always fresh and accurate. 
  • Real-life examples of high-performing engineering teams who are benchmarking themselves daily. 

Featured speaker:

Mikhail Marinovich

DevOps Strategy Advisor