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Many Development and DevOps teams are leaking sensitive information without even knowing it. 

Sensitive data, including passwords and keys, are often hidden in the source code without any encryption. This information is then pushed to production, exposing vulnerable secrets in the process.

While the aftermath of these attacks is undoubtedly a huge pain for your teams, their frustration is the least of your worries. Data leaks have the power to bring your business to its knees, both with extortionate penalty costs and the deterioration of your business’s reputation.

It’s time companies started investing in shift-left security. One way to do this is with GitCustodian, which enables DevSecOps teams to protect themselves from leaking sensitive information.

During this webinar, you’ll find out how to gain full visibility over sensitive data in your code, speed up your software delivery lifecycle by avoiding security bottlenecks, and adopt DevSecOps best practices with continuous software security assurance across all stages.

This webinar is best suited for:

  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Product Security teams
  • Compliance teams

This session will cover:

  • How to identify source code vulnerabilities across the entire development lifecycle with zero touch automation
  • The potential costs for your business if you fail to implement shift-left security measures
  • How GitCustodian can help you enforce secure coding best practices across your teams

Featured speaker:

Vishnu Vasudevan

Head of Product Engineering & Management