Opsera and Mindtree partner to advance DevOps excellence

Driving Digital Transformations Together

The combination of Opsera’s cutting-edge Orchestration and Analytics technology, and Mindtree’s deep domain knowledge and expansive delivery capabilities will enable companies to increase scale, speed-to-market, and customer satisfaction as they advance along their transformation journey

Software Development and Engineering teams, along with their DevOps and SRE teams now have a powerful combination to advance their digital and delivery transformations.

While Opsera’s microservices Orchestration platform brings speed, quality and security to the Products component of DevOps (Product, People & Process), Mindtree brings transformation of the People and Process.

Opsera’s unique “Bring your own tools” architecture allows companies to select best of breed DevOps tools to orchestrate, and allows Mindtree ultimate flexibility to recommend best practices and best fitting tools for their client projects.

About Mindtree

From retail to banking and healthcare, Mindtree helps some of the top brands around the world utilize cloud and digital solutions to stay ahead of the competition. In order to be successful in these digital initiatives, it is critical that organizations adopt DevOps practices and tools to maintain the velocity, security and quality of software deployments.