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Migrate your large, complex source code repos to GitHub with Opsera’s SCM Migration Solution

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Set up automations, workflows, integrations, and pipelines right out of the box

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End-to-end visibility and insights across your tools, teams, and environments, including GitHub Copilot and GitHub Actions

Unified Insights for GitHub, GitHub Copilot, and GitHub Actions

A single pane of glass for full visibility

  • End-to-End DevSecOps platform
  • Full GitHub feature support
  • 100+ Native Integrations across the DevSecOps lifecycle
  • Build, manage and publish workflows to GitHub marketplace
  • Build CI/CD pipelines using standard templates using catalog approach
  • Opsera offers native integrations to ITSM and collaboration tools for alerts, notifications
  • Supports SaaS applications (Salesforce, Snowflake, Boomi, Apigee, SAP, Oracle Fusion etc), SDLC and IaC use cases
  • Native integrations to Quality tools with thresholds and gates
  • Compliance and audit
A single pane of glass
Dashboards for unified insights

Unified insights + DORA metrics

  • Seamless, fast migration of Bitbucket, GitLab and other SCM tools to GitHub with full insights
  • Improve Developer productivity, Security and Quality posture using Opsera Unified Insights
  • Platform-wide reporting and analysis
  • Comprehensive insights into DORA, SPACE, and developer experience
  • System-driven maturity to identify gaps, inefficiencies, bottlenecks across teams

GitHub Copilot Productivity Gains Realized

See increased developer productivity and time savings in action across all of your tools, teams, and environments with the new GitHub Copilot report from Opsera Unified DevOps Platform.

Accelerate your GitHub adoption and realize your investment with actionable insights from Opsera.

Opsera Unified DevOps Platform seamlessly integrates with GitHub and GitHub Actions, giving you a complete view of your development process. Use the NEW GitHub Copilot report to improve AI-assisted code quality, pinpoint problems, and increase adoption across teams. Unify metrics across code commits, builds, and deployments, and identify bottlenecks, improve code quality, and improve productivity.

A single pane of glass
Github Copilot

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Software delivery performance and operations

Automate outer-loop activities with better tooling and empower developers to spend more time on inner-loop activities

Software Development
(Inner-loop activities)

Coding, building and unit testing

Key Measurements
Lead time, cycle time, story points, velocity, Co-pilot KPIs, commit statistics, developer 360 view, PR requests

Inner loop: coding, building, unit testing. Outer loop: integration, deployment, security, quality

Software Delivery
(Outer-loop activities)

Integration, security, quality and deployment

Key Measurements
Deployment frequency, MTTR, change failure rate, quality of the code, technical debt, security vulnerabilities, system-driven maturity

The GitHub + Opsera Ecosystem

Opsera is the unified orchestration layer for GitHub Enterprise customers.

Accelerate to Github and Adopt Copilot

SCM Migration - 25X faster migration, Reduced sales cycle (2X), Reduced Solution engineering (up to 80%)

Accelerate to Github and Adopt Copilot

Refactor to GHA

Offers hybrid approach to keep the existing DevOps ecosystem and enable them to refactor to move at the speed of the respective enterprises

Refactor to Github Automations

Support Existing Toolchain and investment

Opsera's 100+ OOTB integrations accelerate the adoption of Github Actions and gives the choice and flexibility for enterprises

Support existing toolchain and investment

Unified Insights

OOTB developer productivity insights for DevOps and the Github ecosystem

Measure DORA dashboard

How Does Opsera Integrate with GitHub?

Opsera integrates with GitHub to enhance the software delivery process and streamline workflows for developers and DevOps teams.


Triggering Builds and Deployments

Opsera can be configured to monitor code changes in GitHub repositories. When a change is committed or merged, Opsera can automatically trigger the build and deployment pipeline. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures that changes are integrated and deployed consistently.


Code Review and Approval Integration

Opsera can integrate with GitHub's pull request workflow. This allows developers to view and approve pull requests directly within the Opsera platform, streamlining the code review process and reducing context switching.


Improved Visibility and Insights

Opsera provides real-time insights into GitHub activities, such as commit history, pull request status, and issue tracking. This allows teams to monitor progress, identify potential issues, and make data-driven decisions throughout the development lifecycle.


Security and Compliance Enhancement

Opsera can leverage GitHub's security features like vulnerability scanning and code reviews to identify potential security risks within the codebase. This helps to maintain security hygiene during the development process and mitigate security vulnerabilities before deployment.


Collaboration and Communication

Integrating Opsera and GitHub fosters improved collaboration and communication between developers, operations, and other stakeholders. Everyone involved can access information within a single platform, promoting transparency and alignment throughout the development cycle.

Source Code Migration to GitHub

Pros and cons of Git migration paths

Migration Components

Git Clone Commands

GitHub Enterprise Importer

Enterprise Cloud Importer


Code Migration


Pull Requests




Users - Groups to Teams


Commit History


Branch Permissions


Repo Permissions


Large File Size( LFS) Marking


Migration Summary Report


Enterprise Server


Doing the Impossible: Migrating Complex Repos to GitHub

Opsera Platform enabled complete Source Code Migration to GitHub successfully for an InfoMagnus Client

Migrated 22GB of data and 2.2 Million objects with a failure rate of less than .05%

Retained historical data, commits, PRs, PR Reviews, comments, attachments, and issue events

Migrated in just 61 hours when the process was previously hitting 15-hour timeouts and starting over

The project saved InfoMagnus time, money, and efficiency - the project was previously considered “impossible” without Opsera

Large size files, complex repos, and all historical data migrated with almost no failures.

100% visibility across end-to-end DevOps using Opsera Unified Insights

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