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2022 Recap: Opsera Year 3

Phuong Vu
Phuong Vu
Published on
June 21, 2024

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2022 went by in a blink. Despite the rocky global economy, we’re pleased  to report that Opsera has made great progress since our last annual update

That includes some big launches in free trial products and new integrations to increase the security and quality of your pipelines. Our existing customers and our many new ones have seen some big improvements. 

Let’s do a quick recap.


We’ve continued to build our customer success team, and they’re hard at work helping each customer in their digital transformation journey. One sign of success there: the number of customer relationships that have turned into multi-year contracts.  We’re feeling good about our impact: our customers saw 75% improvement in release velocity, 50% in developer productivity, 60% in security and compliance. 


Now with 70+ integrations across 6 categories (Security & Quality, CI, CD, ITSM & Collaboration, IaC, SCM & Repositories), Opsera lets you work with the tools of your choice without disrupting your workflow.  In 2022 we saw:

  • 100k total pipelines executed
  • 18K Salesforce tasks executed
  • 2M Salesforce components deployed
  • 255k unit test methods executed
  • Security scans (1278 repositories scanned and 350K secrets identified)

(Want to see how it works? Our Salesforce DevOps free trial gives you 14 days to see how you can automate an end-to-end Salesforce release in less than 30 minutes, moving Salesforce metadata changes from one org to another. For security, our GitCustodian downloadable version lets you scan your Git Repo for leaking secrets. It’s available so far on Macbook only.)

Awards & Recognition 

Opsera was featured 6 times on Gartner, 3 times on Forrester, and on 451 Research and Intellyx. Check out the coverage: 

Opsera is happy to bring an alternative to homegrown toolchains to organizations struggling with all kinds of tooling complications. Here are some of the awards and recognitions we won in 2022 for doing just that:

Proud of our badges! We strive to be a high performer in DevOps, Value Stream Management, Build Automation, Configuration Management, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Integration -- and we’ll take these as a sign we’re making progress.

The Year Ahead

Our growing team is now at 50 people in both India and the U.S. Our new office in Bangalore opened in July 2022. We’ve got the structure and efficiency to make global remote work efficiently for us and for our clients.

US Team
India Team

We’re always looking to hire people to help us reimagine enterprise DevOps. Can you help our team deliver software faster, safer and smarter? We’d like to talk with you.

Join our team!

There’s so much more we want to build together this year. We hope that you’re feeling rested, reset, and ready for 2023!

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