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Case Studies

Reflektion Reduced Build Issue Diagnostic Time by 20%

Omed Habib
Omed Habib
Published on
March 1, 2023

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Reflektion is an AI-driven customer engagement platform, located in San Mateo California, that offers shopper insights and product intelligence solutions for retailers and brands. Leading retail brands such as TOMS, Ann Taylor, Sur La Table, Godiva, and Destination XL rely on Reflektion’s platform.

The Challenge

Reflektion had two different CI tools and unable to establish the relationship between two for the last two years. This caused them to overspend time by reviewing multiple tools and consoles to troubleshoot the issues for their builds, deployment and other operational issues with their DevOps ecosystem.

Specifically, Reflektion was trying to solve for correlating deployments, events, and logs across pipelines built on two different continuous integration (CI) platforms: Jenkins and Codeship.

Opsera helped them with the integration of both CI tools (Jenkins and Codeship) without any custom code from Reflektion's DevOps team and provided end-to-end visibility across their build and deployment process for the first time in last two years. This enabled them to identify the issues and correlate them across multiple DevOps tools in just a matter of minutes. As a result of that, Reflektion became 20% more efficient in diagnosing pipeline issues.

The team struggled to get visibility across the entire DevOps ecosystem that comprises of multiple DevOps tools. This inability was costing them unnecessary and avoidable manual hours in diagnosing build issues.

"We had built our own pipelines and tooling over a two year period... the Opsera team built the integration in two days." Kevin Railsback, Senior Director of Technical Operations

The Solution

With Opsera, Reflektion was able to integrate Codeship and Jenkins in just two days without writing a single line of code. After setting up Opsera’s integration framework with-in two days, Reflektion today has all of its deployments, events, and logs viewable from a single dashboard, including their integration of Jenkins and Codeship.

Opsera’s analytics create a single view of over a dozen CI/CD tools from various stages in the product development life cycle, providing intelligent dashboards with productivity and quality KPIs.

In summary, Opsera successfully provided:

  • Integration between two CI tools in less than two days.
  • End to end pipeline visibility providing logs in one single place.
  • Productivity and quality KPI’s by project, application, users.
  • Helped the team to identify the problems faster and reduced the meantime to resolve the build issues by 20%
"I feel like the holistic approach that the Opsera is taking to solve the Orchestrating problems is a key step in the evolution of DevOps" Kevin Railsback, Senior Director of Technical Operations

The Result

Reflektion has come to appreciate most about the time saved in diagnosing the build issues in their pipeline. “In some cases, we saved up to 20% of our time in diagnosing build issues, ” says the team.

The company now benefits from end-to-end pipelines and logs across multiple tools in one place for the first time. Opsera enables them to drill down the productivity and quality KPI’s by project, application, and users.

Further, two CI systems integrate without the need for any custom code. Opsera reduced the meantime to resolve build issues (MTTR) by 20%.

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Watch the video to see how Opsera helped Reflektion reduce build issue diagnostic time by 20%.

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