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Industry Panel Discussion Part 3: Rethinking DevOps for Orchestration, Insights, & Security

Varenya Dingari
Varenya Dingari
Published on
March 1, 2023

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Technology teams need to be prepared to keep up with accelerated digitization. Tools like DevOps platforms allow teams to code, build, test, add security and compliance, and deploy changes on a rolling basis. As organizations seek simplicity, orchestration, and platformization, the agility DevOps offers becomes ever more important.

The use of platforms is accelerating.

“I’m a fan of platforms. Building a platform and using it across many purposes is more cost-efficient. A cross-organizational platform helps with cost and viability; they’re known to mature and thus have deeper levels of security, which is another aspect you have to consider with the best of breed tools. You’re also reducing time to market.

“There is a trade-off there, in that you’re giving up the best possible capability for specific functions and instead of getting a ‘good enough’ platform that you can build on with API’s and marketplaces, which is where the real value is. So I’m all about moving to the platform approach because it has huge benefits to IT and the business long-term.”

- Sheila Jordon, CDTO at Honeywell

As things move faster, better toolchains and security are necessary.

“One of the first things we’ve seen is that remote work makes business move faster. A key thing we have to change is the methodology and the way we think about sequencing the work planning and organizing. It’s difficult to keep everyone in sync with distributed teams. Having a good toolchain and a good process for clear handoffs, tracking who touches what, and where approvals are is important so you don’t trip over yourselves."

"The other challenge is that developers are creating solutions that may seem secure architecturally, but aren’t operationally. Maybe there’s never been a sysadmin before or a network engineer before, so they’re writing code with security issues because of the interplay between layers of the stack, or the way clouds interoperate, or the way the monitoring software works, and so on. So you really need to embed security review and execution into that toolchain or you run the risk of getting out in front of your skis, security-wise.”

- Ralph Loura, CIO at Lumentum
“One thing we hear from developers and IT professionals is the desire for simplicity in solutions. They want great self-service and frictionless experiences, and they don’t want to build it themselves. They’re looking for out-of-the-box solutions.

“They also want the cloud. Everything is shifting to as-a-service. What we hear from our customer base and our development team is that we should build for solutions, for best practice, and for easy running in the cloud. So platforms, simplicity in solutions, and moving to the cloud is where we’re focused.”

- Fran Rosch, CEO at Forgerock

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