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The Challenge

This company has been transforming defense equipment businesses for more than 100+ years. Digital Transformation is accelerating automation and intelligence across all business functions to innovate faster in all business areas. The Engineering team is empowering innovation across the software supply chain and productivity gains through process standardization. The challenge in creating cohesive software release management across software development life cycle(SDLC), SaaS, and COTS applications is siloed projects requiring custom tools, in-house solutions, and “black box” services. Lack of visibility across projects stalled process standardization and maturity improvements. The vision of the engineering team is to enable DevOps adoption across the Organization to increase velocity and reduce the cost of IT products & platforms.

The Solution

To help with the above vision, This manufacturing giant decided to leverage Opsera’s No-Code DevOps orchestration platform as their core strategy. With Opsera, developers can choose the right tools to deliver their projects, integrate security and testing, spin up infrastructure quickly, and build declarative pipelines with zero coding. Opsera’s unified insights also provided end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting, compliance, and value stream analysis.

Results and Benefits

This customer manufactures the most sophisticated military equipment, quickly onboarded several technology platforms onto Opsera, standardized their toolchain automation, and deployed hundreds of no-code declarative pipelines.

- Opsera simplified the release process and helped
- Reduce manual tasks by over 43%, saving hours per deployment.
- Increased first-pass yield by 3%
- Improved DevOps maturity from basic to advanced

Automated shift-left approach in their deployment processes

With this unified approach to software delivery, the core Engineering Team enables faster time to market with built-in security and quality of several applications.




Fortune 100 Company

Products Used

Opsera No-Code DevOps orchestration platform


Reduced production deployment times


Productivity savings


SDLC, SaaS, COTs technology platforms onboarded

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