NortonLifeLock accelerates Salesforce CI/CD delivery

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The Challenge

Norton LifeLock runs Salesforce for several Orgs and uses Salesforce-native tools to deploy business critical changes to CRM and CPQ. Even after leveraging consultants to design a CI/CD platform, up to 40% of steps were manual; they had no quality or security gates in their pipelines and no integrations with tools like Selenium and Microsoft Teams. Outages could last 2-3 days with no end-to-end monitoring for troubleshooting, and developers had few self-service capabilities.

The Solution

Norton LifeLock deployed their first CI/CD pipeline within hours, using Opsera’s point-and-click pipeline builder built from Opsera’s no-code DevOps orchestration platform. They were able to add security, quality, and approval gates automatically making it easy to deploy reliable, secure, and scalable pipelines, without needing expertise across dozens of tools. Opsera Unified Insights provided end-to-end monitoring and reporting across Orgs, with 100+ KPIs and full context logging for effortless troubleshooting, reporting, auditing, and compliance.

Results and Benefits

Norton LifeLock was able to save 40-50% of hours on each Salesforce deployment, while reducing manual steps, related rework, and outages. The team eliminated support costs from some tools, and avoided migration costs from their legacy CI/CD platform, which more than offset for their investment in Opsera. New tools and processes were easily added to their pipelines, creating faster and safer deployments. Opsera Unified Insights enabled end-to-end visibility, eliminating manual reporting, making troubleshooting faster, and giving Executives and Managers real-time insights across their multiple Orgs.


Software, Consumer Cyber Safety


Norton LifeLock

Products Used

Opsera No-Code DevOps Orchestration Platform


Reduction in manual CI/CD steps


Reduced production deployment times


Productivity savings per year

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