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Configuration Automation
Adam Jacob, Jesse Robbins, Barry Steinglass, and Nathan Haneysmith.

When configuration is code, DevOps teams work more efficiently, enabling continuous automation across all IT processes.

Managing multiple virtual machines requires proper configuration—loading them with the right software and making sure that software can run. But how can you manage infrastructure when the number of machines you’re responsible for changes on a daily basis?

The only way to turn configuration management into a competitive advantage instead of disruptive churn is to keep environments consistent.

Chef Automate leverages Chef, Habitat, and InSpec to create a pipeline that can cross both internal and external boundaries, standardizing environments and processes locally within the data center and up in the cloud.

As a result, you get a dynamic environment that’s stable no matter how complicated your configurations are. When your application deployment and infrastructure changes move at the same pace, your entire IT organization functions better.

In fact, environmental configurations are foundational to application and business success. A DevOps team that turns configuration into code can leverage the same tools and processes you use on your applications to efficiently and successfully prepare environments to run applications.

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